Packaging design and sustainability go hand in hand. According to AMERIPEN and Amazon’s packaging executive, due to different demands of distribution chains, improving packaging for ecommerce may look different than design for ordinary retail. Four trends that packaging artists can pull to create some package combinations that can win consumers are – consumer’s wellness schedule should be met, turning snacks into experiences, social snacking, and instant availability everywhere.

Due to sustainable benefit, Shane Bertsch, Vice President of HGS, thought that these following five developing materials earned attention. They are – Viable aqueous barrier coatings, shaped fiber printing, light weight filling, MFC field fiber, and micro-pattern material improvement. In an interview, Brent Nelson, senior manager at Amazon, said that sustainable packaging is important to Amazon, and that it is time to reimagine packaging.

An Example of Packaging and Sustainability Entwined

Transparent packing of Delici helps in sales of the dessert. Justin Johnson, the principal of design firm ‘More Branding’, said that the ice-cold product is attractively layered and lavishly presented in a single serve dessert glass and the visual attractiveness of the dessert flavors drove the design and production of the package. He also said that the glasses used for serving the dessert are reusable by the customers and hence sustainability is also attained.