3 Simple Steps That Will Change Future of Drone Industry


In the near future, it is highly possible that drones will crowd the skies. Svelte wing drones, octocopters, hexacopters, and quadcoptors among others will soon be competing for the airspace. Drone companies such as Overwatch Imaging and Uber Elevate believe that this drone revolution will accelerate as the innovations continue to surge in the aerospace sector across the globe. The ideas of delivering packages to remote areas through drones or observe railway lines for safety are some of the key dream projects for the drone industry.

However, it will not be that easy for the manufacturers and sellers to simply swarm up the skies with high-tech drones. There are certain difficulties and regulations that must be pondered upon. One of the prime challenges in front of the aviation industry is navigating through the current safety regime of the aviation space. Another equally important challenge is to convince politicians as well as common people about the advantages of a drone. Furthermore, to prove the worth of using drones is above the basic privacy intrusion and recurring noise is also a big challenge.

How Do You Change the Common Perception?

There are, however, three basic steps that may help the drone industry to lay a strong foundation for their development.

  1. Drones as lifesavers:
    Drones are being increasingly used in search and rescue missions, emergency situations, healthcare services, and firefighting scenarios. Using drones for public safety is important to inscribe a positive impression in the public eye. Several such initiatives are already in place.
  2. New regulations for drones:
    The drone should not come under the purview of regular airspace and aviation regulations. A new system must be in place to regularize its use. It must also ensure that the new system does not obstruct the current one.
  3. Delivery of goods:
    Once the public starts getting familiar with drones delivering shipments and goods, the general opinion will also change. This is where the efforts from big companies such as Wing, UPS, Uber Eats, and Amazon Prime Air will come in handy.


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