From black and white to color printing advancements in printing technology has not stopped. Today, 3D printing technology has become common but it is not so common for the Washington State University Research team to have used 3D printing technology for a one-step process in order to print structures made up of different materials. This advancement can help manufacturers the seven steps of manufacturing and just make use of one machine to make complicated products with multiple Parts in a single operation. 3D printing also known as additive manufacturing has only been used for developing products made up of one material. However with this new development, 3D printing technology can we use to print out structures made from ceramic and Metal as well as a bimetallic tube which is magnetic as well as non magnetic on the different ends.

Manufacturers can put one material into a printer in order to print out the parts. But being able to use multiple materials at a time, they will be able to control properties such as Corrosion Protection, heat conduction, and environmental adaptation. 3D printing has also enabled manufacturers to eliminate the use of joint connections odessa’s which are always necessary in multi material products. This is because multi-material additive manufacturing helps get rid of this weak point. Multi-material additive manufacturing is anticipated to open several new doors of opportunity and create many new possible creations.