5G Connectivity to Provide Dynamic AI to Robots


In collaboration with the National Science Foundation’s National Robotics Initiative 2.0, a team of researchers at NYU Tandon School of Engineering is developing a wireless system to outsource the robots’ AI to the edge cloud. The new connectivity system shall leverage 5G wireless technology for communication. Which shall also bring the AI functions to the closest cloud server to the robots. The collaborated team will be designing the manipulation and connection algorithms. These algorithms in result will solve technical issues that were hampering the use of 5G technology as a variable bridge.

Researchers believe that transferring AI capabilities to the cloud server enables users with several tantalizing operational benefits. These may include benefits such as robots adapt to the environment dynamically along with performing complex operations. The robots will be able to perform all these tasks without incurring any major energy or cost issues.

Why Role Did Connection Bridge Serve?

According to Elza Erkip, the goal is to develop algorithms that can optimally distribute computation between cloud and robots. This guarantees safe robotics operations while enhancing the operations. Additionally, Sundeep Rangan states that while cloud robotics has been into the industries for a long time offloading the power-consuming computation, the technology has always remained elusive for a real-time perception. This is because of the limited bandwidth and high latency of the wireless communication systems. He also stated that the problem become more challenging as they need to support the bandwidth-hungry video systems that robots commonly use today.

Meanwhile, Ludovic Righetti states that the ultimate goal of the new system is the development of light-weight, cloud-connected-autonomous robotics. He adds in his statement that outreach activities that include offering the team to develop free-will algorithms will also demonstrate the unique capabilities of the 5G-enabled robotics system.


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