Why Additive Manufacturing can be Dangerous

Why Additive Manufacturing can be Dangerous

While we are now familiar with the use of additive manufacturing in the medical sector where they’re used extensively for prosthetic arms and others, the latest is the use of 3D printing or additive manufacturing in manufacturing weapons. One of the research paper has said that additive manufacturing can be used by violent extremists, military groceries, and street criminals who are producing their own weapons for sale and for use.

3D printing technology is extremely susceptible to hacking and this can allow Sabotage by hackers who command 3D printers to introduce instructions, are algorithms that are flawed and can bring about critical changes in mission critical parts of airplanes and others. When people have a ready access to 3D printers, attacks can become more little and fatal. Very limited law regarding the access to semi-automatic weapons are present even in countries such as the US and additive Manufacturing is anticipated to feel this risk of violence.

Additive manufacturing is also anticipated to support indirectly the existence of pariah states such as North Korea which can result in avoiding the cost of withdrawing from the International Community by creating complicated items domestically avoiding International standards and sanctions. By decentralizing Manufacturing foams can produce Goods locally rather than importing them and therefore it is said that 3D printing can we can be International connections which are currently existing through multi-country Supply chains. Unemployment and alienation of low-skilled and middle average skilled labors who will be worsened by additive manufacturing and me develop ultimately in society unrest.

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