Adult Hemoglobinopathy Testing Market to Witness Exponential Growth by 2026

The global Adult Hemglobinopathy Testing Market is anticipated to rise at a significant rate owing to several government provided insurance benefits which includes reimbursement systems for treatments and diagnostic tests along with taking care of the existing hemoglobinopathy patients. NGO’S are also actively working towards providing advance testing methods for diagnosis of hemoglobinopathy. This is helping in creating opportunities for molecular testing and prenatal diagnostic testing. The global adult hemoglobinopathy is also rising owing to factors such as collaboration of NGO’s and government bodies for developing more novel diagnostic methods, rapidly increasing POC diagnosis methods, and low cost therapies.

A report by Transparency Market Research find that key players in the market are focusing on developing new technologies to cure hemoglobinopathy effectively. The companies in the market have come up with advanced technologies such as point of care testing and HPLC tandem mass spectrometric.

There is a sudden rise in hemoglobin genetic diseases such as structural hemoglobin variants or thalassemia in emerging economies such as Southeast Asia, Africa, and Mediterranean region. These regions are facing increasing number of thalassemia and sickle cell anemia which is increasing the demand for adult hemoglobinopathy market. Rise in awareness regarding disorders related to hemoglobinopathy by various public and private organizations is boosting the demand for the global market. World Health Organization has identified sickle cell anemia as a health problem spreading globally.

People living in the regions affected more from the diseases are shifting to other regions such as North America and Europe thereby, increasing the pool of patients. This is a result of increased migration from underdeveloped and developing countries to developed countries. This factor is highly supplementing the growth of the global adult hemoglobinopathy market. This rise in hemoglobinopathy genotype due to increased migration is encouraging policy makers to implement several interventions related to public health. These public health interventions include genetic testing, counselling, and screening programs. This is expected to further drive the global adult hemoglobinopathy testing market.

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The global adult hemoglobinopathy testing market is expected to face certain restrains that might hamper the growth of the market. Lack of awareness about the hemoglobinopathy disorders and its testing in various emerging economies that are developing or underdeveloped are expected to affect the adult hemoglobinopathy testing market growth. Absence of access to advanced screening technology procedures such as genetic testing, complexity of hemoglobinopathy testings, and increasing prevalence of the disease are potential factors affecting the growth of the market. However, the steps taken by NGO’s and governments along with rapidly increasing technological advancement will handle the restrains and bring dynamic growth to the adult hemoglobinopathy testing market.

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