Cardamom is commonly found in the Asia Pacific, North America and Middle East regions. It is well-known among the spices in cooking for its fascinating flavor. The oil of cardamom is extracted from dried seeds of cardamom through hydro distillation process which is furthercar used for variety of applications. The Cardamom Oil extract comprises of various Essential Components like Pinene, 8-Cineole, A-Terpineol Acetate, Limonene, Terpinen-4-Oil, Linalyl Acetate, Myrcene, Nerol, Phellandrene, Citronellol, Linalool, Sabinene, Trans-Nerolidol and others.

Increasing applications in personal care products is serving the market growth. Cardamom oil possess the beneficial properties such as antiseptic, boosts digestion, used in aromatherapy, antimicrobial, aids proper digestion and relives muscle spasms. These properties are expected to boost the demand for cardamom oil market during the forecast period.

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The global cardamom oil market is segmented by type, by applications, and by distribution channels. Cardamom oil market by type is segmented into Amomum cardamom oil and Elettaria cardamom oil. Elettaria cardamom is also known as green cardamom or true cardamom. Amomum cardamom is known as Kravan or black cardamom which is extensively used in cooking. By grade cardamom oil market is segmented into medical grade, cosmetic grade and food grade. By application cardamom oil market is segmented into Food and Beverages, Cosmetics and Personal care, pharmaceutical and others. Among all the segment pharmaceutical segment is expected to have potential market share in terms of value followed by cosmetic and personal care segment. By distribution the cardamom oil market is segmented into Direct and indirect sales channels. Indirect sales is further sub segmented into modern trade, departmental store, E-Commerce, Specialty Store, drug stores and others.

Global Market Drivers and Restraints:-

Rising demand of cardamom oil in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries due to antibacterial properties which can be used in medicines related to muscles treatment is expected to boost the market. Increasing use of cardamom oil in food, medicine and cosmetics is further expected to bolster the market growth. Cardamom oil is also finding its application in aromatherapy and in other uses like air fresheners will grow the demand of the product in market. Encouraging demand for natural flavoring and coloring agent is also expected to increase the cardamom oil market. Increasing metropolitan population, increasing health awareness and changing lifestyle are some key factors driving the demand for cardamom oil in the global market as these days consumers are more conscious towards products containing natural ingredient and offers various health benefits.

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Regional Outlook:-

Asia Pacific is anticipated to be dominating in the cardamom oil market as they are the largest cardamom producer as well accounting the health and personal care advantages of the cardamom oil will increase its demand in the near future. In Asia Pacific region, India and its neighboring countries is expected to be one of the major consumer to for cardamom oil. In terms of the production Latin America is the largest producer of cardamom across the globe followed by Asia Pacific region. Cardamom oil is one of the best flavoring agent thus increasing demand for cardamom oil in bakery, and other culinary products is expected to boost the cardamom oil market in North America and Europe. Its use in aromatherapy is increasing and other such properties will robust the growth of cardamom oil market in Middle East and Africa.