Amazon hiring Scores of Engineers to boost its Cryptographic Security

Amazon hiring Scores of Engineers to boost its Cryptographic Security

In order to save the world from another online security disaster like that of Heartbleed of the previous year, Amazon Web Services has released a cryptographic security module to secure utmost important information over the internet. Cryptography is basically used to code information of utmost importance.

One of the biggest advancements in enterprise technology is growing cloud services with on-demand access to IT services. With technological advancements there has been increase in cybercriminal activity and other Cryptographic  security violation threats.

Amazon launching New Trademarks to configure Software Security

Amazon, one of the leading companies in cloud services, is finding new ways to strengthen itself and fight cybercriminal activities that have been taking place more often. Amazon Web Services or AWS, a secure cloud services platform of the company has been working on a new field of cryptographic and AI-based devices to help manage the safety around cloud-based services. These services include software for providing health and security of cryptosystems, monitoring, logging, analyzing, and verifying computer network security software.

Recently, Amazon has registered two new trademarks both connecting to ARG, namely, SideTrail and Quivela. Other than this it has also released two math-based techniques namely Zelkova and Tiros. Even though they are not trademarked yet, but they are still being used to configure feedback and security. This is made by using different set-ups to troubleshoot and effectively secure cross storage security systems (S3).

Artificial Intelligence to Wield Software System Security in Amazon

Amazon is hiring over 130 engineers with cryptanalysis skills to help create and run this new security system for the company. It is also making some investments to consolidate its cloud security footprint by acquiring AI-based data security startup firms such as Sqrrl and Automated Reasoning Group, a part of the AWS is focusing on recognizing security issues and make new tools to fix them for AWS and its clients. This is based on a branch of artificial intelligence that combines computer science and mathematics for automate reasoning for computers.

Since security is a major concern for business organizations in their path of growth, cloud-based security services will garner whopping revenues. Another prominent technology company Microsoft is also aiming at developing automated tools to help human security specialists protect company data and information.

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