Apple to Launch Health Chips, Innovation in Tracking Internal Health

Apple to Launch Health Chips, Innovation in Tracking Internal Health

Apple, the American multinational technology company that has been a stalwart as digital media player across the world, has released a statement that it is moving toward creating a manageable cloud for health tracking records to devices like watches. Apple will soon bring forth the launch of device equipped with a health tracking chip.

Apple has covered up a wide range of industries such as computer software and hardware, digital distribution, semiconductors, corporate venture capital, consumer electronics and a lot more since it first started in 1976. Products like Macintosh, Apple watch, iPhone, HomePod, iPod, iPad, Final Cut Pro, and a few others have earned their popularity worldwide.

Research to leverage Potential of Apple’s Chips for Customized Healthcare Needs

Apple’s research and development (R&D) team has been researching on a customized processor possibility to help track the health record of its user from inside of the devices. The company is hoping to start the production of such health tracking custom chips and also improve the hardware while securing user data. According to the ASIC architects and an engineer for health development, fitness and wellness, the new technology is expected to be way more advanced than that of Apple watches with optical sensors to measure heart rates in the new devices.

Apple Health Prospective with Better Hardware

The chips used to take care of computing information is soon to come off to its sensors. Apple will work with new sensors to track more of the user’s health as the sensor moves through a certain alpha and beta testing. Not only that, the company hardware is also anticipated to improve in terms of battery performance. This chip will be adaptable with Apple products such as the Apple watch and iPhones. Users will get more information about their own health.

However, Apple isn’t the only company that is striving toward invention of these custom chips. Other competitors such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook are competitively striving towards the new customizable chip invention and launch. In the not-so-distant future, users are expected to see integration of several features in the health chip.

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