The global aquarium accessories market is gaining importance among the population over the years due to the rising fascination towards the underwater world and its effect on the atmosphere in the homes and other residential and commercial areas. For the younger population aquarium has become a valuable encounter with the nature and also helps them to gain knowledge regarding the underwater species. Fish keeping has become a popular hobby among the population across the globe in recent years and thus this is triggering the growth rate of the global aquarium accessories market. A well-planted aquarium with proper maintenance is considered as one of the most beautiful living ornaments kept at every households, hotels, restaurants etc.

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Regular maintenance with proper care is essentially important to keep an aquarium healthy and look good. Selecting the suitable type of fish and also ensuring optimum numbers that do not exceed the total capacity of the aquarium is considered as one of the major factors to maintain an aquarium. Fishes and other underwater species are normally sold as juveniles and thus the aquarium needs enough space for them to grow in a proper way. It has been recorded that 1.5 to 2 million people across the globe keep aquarium and among which six hundred thousand households owns an aquarium to beautify their homes. Most of the aquariums used among the consumers are made up of glass panes due to their cost effectiveness, however, acrylic aquariums are gaining importance in recent years.

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