The aspects driving the growth of theSlewing Ring Bearings Market are-factory automations owing to new technologies

Slewing Ring Bearings Market: Introduction

A slewing ring bearing, also referred to as slewing ring, is a rotational plain bearing or rolling component bearing which withstands high but slow oscillating or slow turning loads. The slewing ring bearing has a thin cross section while the diameters are typically of one meter or sometimes even more. They can be similar to large aircraft surface control bearings. They generally use two rows of rolling components and three race elements namely one inner ring and haves of two outer rings which clamp axially with one another. They have gear teeth which integrate with the outer or inner surface. The material used for slewing ring bearings depend upon the end use applications. Few of the materials which are sued in slewing ring bearings are titanium alloys, stainless steel, nitrided steel, steels for low temperature, structural hardening steels, aluminium based alloys and plastic and composite material. They are widely used in UK, Germany, France, USA, Japan, Sweden, Spain, Australia, Italy and Sweden.

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Slewing Ring Bearings Market: Applications

The slewing ring bearings are widely used in industries such as aerospace industry, heavy equipment industry, defence industry, medical equipment, industrial machinery, semiconductor manufacturing and renewable energy. They are also largely used in wind turbines, construction, packaging and bottling industry, water treatment, mining equipment, transport, robots, power loaders and tunnel machine equipment, hydraulic grippers, shovel and digging wheel excavators, wood processing equipment, forest industries, Radar military, lifting equipment and offshore cranes, marine cranes and bulk handling.

Slewing Ring Bearings Market: Growth Drivers

The aspects driving the growth of the slewing ring bearings market are-factory automations owing to new technologies, the expansion and growth of the end user industries such as healthcare, solar energy, increasing demands of the wind turbine with respect to robust design and other advantages of slewing bearings. The advantages such as optimum economy in a given set of work conditions, precise positioning in certain applications, ability to drive heavy loads in certain heavy duty applications, less noise and cost effective nature are impacting the adoption of the slewing ring bearings. Moreover, the increasing prominence of the infrastructure industry which requires equipment such as forklifts and cranes are contributing in the increased demand of the slewing ring bearings, facilitating good growth of the slewing ring bearings market.

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Slewing Ring Bearings Market: Key Regions

North America is a key region where several industries such as automotive, defence, industrial machinery, generation of conventional energy, robots, excavation and mining equipment etc., and hence can be said to have high potential for the growth of the slewing ring bearings and hence a good potential market. Followed by Americas, European counties are coming up with different technologies in this sector thereby having good scope for the slewing ring bearings market. Developing APAC regions such as Japan, China and India are showing increased adoption of the slewing ring bearings in different upcoming industries and have a faster growth rate in his market, as compared to other regions in the Middle East and Africa.

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