Ambika Basa

Stationary Fuel Cell Systems emerging as Environment-Friendly Alternatives to Combustion Heat Engines

Interest in stationary fuel cells systems has risen world over as potentially environment-friendly alternatives to combustion heat engines. Apart from the vast environmental benefits stationary fuel cells promise in end-use applications, they emit less pollutants, are more efficient in power production, and are reliable. They are primarily used for on-site requirement. In recent years, hydrogen fuel cells holds great potential. Stationary fuel cells systems utilize the advantage of heat and

Growing Affordability of Small Wind Turbines to open New Markets

Small wind turbines come in various sizes and styles and may range from mini turbines to micro turbines, to household-size turbines. Advancement in design has become a key determinant in technological progress in all sources of renewable energy production, wind energy isn’t any different. Over the years, wind turbines have been undergoing shift of miniaturization, thus making the harnessing of wind power economically viable for small producers. The growing popularity

Growing Consumer Electronics Industry Stoke Demand in Optical Proximity Sensors Market

Optical proximity sensors use same working principle as capacitive sensors. These sensors are extensively used in automated systems as they have the capability in fitting into small locations. Optical proximity sensors are commonly known as light beam sensors as they include light source and also comprised of a sensor which detects the light. The light sensors used in optical proximity sensors are usually a semiconductor device, photodiode, which generates a

Stringent Implementation of Regulations to Manage Oil Spills bolsters Industrial Absorbents Uptake

Industrial absorbents are specialized absorbents extensively used in a wide variety of applications for prevention and absorption of spillages in any environment. Depending on the specific needs and objectives, such as the nature of spills, area of use, and environment, different product categories have gained traction with end-use industries. Their use has gained increasing impetus from rising environmental concern about the ill effects of oil and chemical spills on the

Global Data Centers Construction Market to Expand as Data Analytics Gains Importance

The demand within the global market for data center construction market has been rising on account of key advancements in the field of data analytics and testing. Construction of a data center across a region or an industry is an indicator of growth and development. It has lately come to light that the global market for data center construction would expand at a stellar rate in the years to come.

Global Corporate Workforce Development Training Market to Expand as New MNCs Emerge across the Globe

The demand within the global market for corporate workforce development training has been rising on account of the growing complexity of the corporate environment. Large-scale companies have been focusing on training their employees to fit a largely disruptive environment. This factor has played a major role in the growth of the global market for corporate workforce development training. Furthermore, the presence of a robust industry for training and mentoring employees

Economic Advantages and Improved Vehicle Performance boosts Automotive Aftermarket Fuel Additives Market

The global automotive aftermarket fuel additives market has been rising at an impressive pace over the past many years. Rising stringent regulations in place to monitor vehicular emissions and exceptional sales of automotive are key factors behind the growth of automotive aftermarket fuel additives market. Automotive aftermarket fuel additives are used for preemptive maintenance and to address fuel-related performance issues. Automotive aftermarket fuel additives are used in the main fuel

Growing Number of Sporting Activities to Propel Growth of the Sport Apparels Market

As the demand for new and innovative sports apparels is increasing, the global sports apparels industry is expanding quite rapidly. There have been several advancements in this market regarding technological integration, improving comfort, and manufacturing techniques. Sports apparels products having all these features are being continuously manufactured for meeting the increasing demands. Growing Sport Activities to Propel Demand for Advanced and Comfortable Sport Apparels Sports activities carried out on a

Growing Demand from Automotive Sector to Propel Growth of the Inductive Proximity Sensors Market

Dependence on robots across industrial controller mechanisms is one of the key factors that is paving the way for inductive proximity sensors market. These inductive proximity sensors have applications across all categories of automotive from heavy commercial vehicles to light commercial vehicles. The demand for each the vehicle type is in growth phase that leads to the growth of inductive proximity sensors market over the forecast period. In industrial applications

Rising Use of Automation Technologies to Expand Global Position and Proximity Sensors Market

The global position and proximity sensors market is expected to rise at a significant rate due to increasing demand for more efficient and accurate spotting sensors in vehicles. The rising adoption of digitalization has revolutionized the manufacturing sector. The idea of the interconnected factory has gained significant traction and created lucrative growth opportunities in the position and proximity sensors market. Adding it further, the access of advanced automation technologies in