Anamika Prasad

Smart Clothes Will Act as Gas Detector

Researchers at the Tufts University of the U.S. developed threads for smart clothes that can change color when it encounters gases. The researchers demonstrated the change, which is visible by naked eyes or by smartphone cameras. Mixing these threads in clothing is easy, as they are reusable, washable, and affordable. Thus, thesewill be effective across workplaces military services, and medicals. The study published in the Scientific Reports journal, suggests that

Think You Knew How Water Boils? Turns Out, You Don’t!

While boiling water is perhaps the simplest process known to humans, turns out that we don’t understand it completely. Some scientific gaps in the process of boiling water leaves room for boosting efficiency of nuclear power plants by 20%.A study published in the journal Physical Review Letters sheds light on the dynamics of heat transfer while boiling water. Mattero Bucci, assistant professor of nuclear engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Forget Pills, Take a Stroll to De-Stress: Says Study

Your doctor will soon stop prescribing Prozac for stress, and ask you to take a walk in nature instead! Yes, the term nature pills finds its way into a medical prescription now. A study, published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, associates level of stress hormone with exposure to nature. The key finding is that spending 20 minutes in nature substantially reduces stress hormone levels. Test Subjects Took ‘Nature Pill’

Transparent Wood Gives a New Meaning to Energy Efficiency

Wood may seem old-school in the era of glass and steel construction. However, a key innovation in transparent wood is on the horizon. This new modified material will revolutionize the concept of energy efficient homes. Transparent wood, or nanocrystalline cellulose, is produced using processed wood pulp. This material is optically transparent and has high transmittance (nearly 85%). Researchers first developed this material at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm,

Google Assistant now features John Legend’s voice

Google Assistant adds another voice to its menu. John Legend’s voice is now available on Google Assistant though for a limited time. That too only in the U.S. Activating John Legend’s voice is easy. To do so, user can ask questions to the Google Home speaker something like, “are you John Legend, or, what your favorite genre of music is.” Nevertheless, responses will continue from the regular list of voices

Yes, Stars Reflect Light Too!

Astronomy teaches us that celestial bodies like the sun and stars give off their own light. Other bodies like planets or the moon are visible as they reflect sun’s light. But little did we realize that stars reflect some of the light that falls on them too. The fact that all bodies reflect some light is an established phenomenon in physics. However, how stars reflect light is surprisingly under-examined. This

New Wearable to Detect Cancer Cells Real-time in Blood

About 10 cancer cells is the maximum a research can capture from the bloodstream using the existing methods. This prevents researchers from studying cancer cells real-time. To solve this, scientists have developed a prototype wearable device which can monitor cancer cell in blood consistently. This is important as tumors are capable of releasing nearly 1,000 cancer cells in the blood. In order to learn more about the tumor’s biology, it

Delaying Children’s Vaccine Becomes a Major Debate Among People

Elyse Imamura and her husband decided to keep a gap between the vaccine administered to their son. Their main intention was to spread out the process of vaccination over a gradual pace, than the scheduled dates. Elyse, 39, living in Torrance, California, was ready to vaccinate her child. However, they want to take it slow so that the body adapts to the temporary side effects. They did not want their

Stan Robot at Your Rescue to Avoid Parking Hassle

A new robot made its debut on March 14 at an airport in France. Makers named the robot – Stan. The makers of the robot and airport authorities claim to reduce the hassle and stress of parking the vehicle at the airport. Airport Technology quoted COO at Stanley Robotics the robots will autonomously detect the car. It will slide under it, lift it by wheels, and shift it at the proper place.

Tiny Chip Discovered to Detect Oxygen Levels of Internal Tissue

Science is making progress in every field including healthcare, construction, and food and beverages. A result of these progress is an innovation where scientists have developed a chip to sense oxygen levels in skin tissue. A group of international scientists have discovered an implantable small device. This helps measure and monitor the levels of O2 in internal tissues of a living being. There is immense importance of measuring oxygen levels