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During the third quarter of this year, YouTube removed 7.8 million videos, more than 1.5 million channels and about 224 million comments due to the violation of its community guidelines. Alike many other tech giants, the Google-owned video site has been facing a lot of international pressure to take stern steps to fight problematic content. The social giant released the aforementioned figures in its latest Transparency Report last week. The

Uber to Invest $200 Mn for Improvement of AI for Self-Driving Cars

Dara Khosrowshahi, a chief executive officer (CEO) of the Uber, announced that plan for investment of Canadian $200 mn in order to expand their engineering hub in the city. The ride-hailing company which is based in the San Francisco is trying to improve their services and the branch of Toronto will continue to take efforts for expansion of their business. The company is trying to rebuild its brand name after

Materials could be Delivered on Cue Using Resealable, Tiny Packets

A recipe that could mimic miniscule capsules delivering signaling molecules from one place to another in our bodies has been created by researchers from the University of Chicago. The announcement was made by Juan de Pablo, the university’s Institute for Molecular Engineering Liew Family Professor in the journal Nature Chemistry. Just as Ziploc bags, resealable, tiny synthetic packets created by the research team are said to release their contents at

Thermoacoustic Can Radically Occur in Solids, find Researchers

Leaky systems have restricted engineers in terms of designing thermal casting devices which majorly rely on interplay between sound waves and temperature oscillations. However, researchers at Purdue and the University of Notre Dame have recently shown for the first time in history that thermoacoustic could to radically occur not only in liquids but in solids as well. This technology is expected to particularly be useful in harsh environments in outer

Memristors: Key to Prevent Damage by Cyber Criminals

Just like with everything, there are pros and cons of the internet of things as well. While it makes the lives of people extremely convenient and even streamlined, but the risk posed by it is a huge concern. The wirelessly connected devices, gadgets, and appliances pose cybersecurity risk which can result in much damage as cyber criminals can manipulate and control nodes in a network and the destruction potential is