Smita Deshmukh

Microsoft’s Corpus to support Multi-Lingual Digital Literacy in India

American writer, Will Durant once said, “India was the motherland of our race, and Sanskrit the mother of Europe’s languages…” Apart from varied culture and traditions, India is also the land of many languages. An interesting fact: There is no national language of India as declared by the constitution of India. However, English and Hindi inscribed in the Devanagari script are designated as the official languages of the Government of

Benin Community turns Waste into Gold Mine

Garbage has turned into gold. People of the Houegbo village of Benin, West Africa are now able to utilize waste into biogas fuel. Benin is the fourth largest exporter of pineapples in Africa. Mark Giannelli, the founder of ReBin, noticed the massive amounts of pineapple skins that were thrown away into waste and he had the idea of the waste treatment. An opportunity to change the living standard and meet

Acute Kidney Injury could be treated with Vitamin B3 Intake

According to a recent research, vitamin B3 is likely to treat acute kidney injury (AKI). Also known as acute renal failure, the condition is characterized by kidneys losing the ability to excrete excess fluids, salts, and other waste materials from the blood and may turn dangerous if untreated. A life-threatening situation occurs when the kidneys lose their filtering ability, leading to an accumulation of waste materials and electrolytes. According to

Tech Giants Came Together to Fix Broken Things in Healthcare Sector

There are numerous things are broken about the health care system in the US such as sharing information with the doctors who work in different hospitals. Many reasons are responsible for this such as difficulties to obtain the quality care and difficulties to get medication from other doctors available as they are unaware of the allergies and suffering from chronic diseases. Some of the largest and finest technology-based companies including

Remote Sensing Techniques for Detection of Village Without Electricity

Researchers from the Reiner Lemoine Institute, Berlin have successfully used remote sensing techniques for detection of a sample of Zambian village without electricity. Their study is published in Springer’s Proceedings in Energy book series, suggests that this technique can make an impact in the developing parts of the world. The regions from Sub-Saharan Africa still has limited access to energy resources despite a lot of improvements that took place from

New Bed Net Developed to Help to Fight Malaria

The study based on a clinical trial in Burkina Faso, West Africa involving 2,000 children and duration for more than 2 years concluded that reduced cases by 12 percent. The study included a new type of net compared to the conventional one. The study is conducted by the collaboration of Durham University (UK), Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (UK), Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Switzerland) and Centre National de

Researchers Developed Paper-Based Biodegradable Batteries

The researchers at the Binghamton University, State University of New York have developed the biodegradable batteries which are based on paper and are more efficient than the traditional one. These advantages might inspire to create this kind of batteries and future batteries are made out of paper. The possibility of creating paper-based batteries is the point of attraction among the scientific community from the past few years as these are

Irish Healthcare System Need to Focus on Minor Kidney Dysfunctioning, a Study Says

Over the past 10 years the number of patients suffering from Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) is doubled, the new study found. The study was led by the researchers at the Graduate Entry Medical School (GEMS) that operated under University of Limerick. Increasing cases of AKI causes sudden and frequent losses of kidney function which usually occurred in case of kidney damage. Several cases of AKI also come across as dehydration,

Law Implementation to Accountable for Electronic Investigations

In 2016, FBI filed a case against Apple to unlock the iPhone device of one of the shooters San Bernandino, the story was in the headlines globally. Likewise, numerous courts orders ask tech companies to transfer private data of Americans. In many cases, these companies avoid sharing data while some companies share their data to follow the judicial process which is a violation of privacy policies. To maintain honesty in

Loss of Procedures in Perovskite Solar Cells to Make It Efficient

Perovskite solar cells that are carriers of charge can be lost through recombination occurring at interface defect sites. While recombining the defect sites within the perovskite layer limits the performance of the solar cells at present. Teams from the University of Potsdam and the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin reached the conclusion through accurate quantitative measurements on 2 perovskite cells which uses photoluminescence. Even solar cells made from perfect miracle material is not