Automotive Stabilizer Bar Market is expected to grow with a high CAGR in the forecast period

Globalization has transformed the automotive industry throughout the globe, with continuously heaving competition amongst automotive vendors. Development of the automotive stabilizer bar which provide motion control, and maintain proper weight distribution in the wheels is one of the important innovations which have ensued in the automotive industry, in recent years.

Automotive stabilizer bar or sway bar is used to provide an anti – roll movement during the sharp turns to keep the car from rolling. The automotive stabilizer bar works only when the car is leaning on one side providing it a counterbalance on the other side with the help of suspension and avoid the swaying. The basic principle behind designing an automobile is to provide a low center of gravity so that the vehicle can move at high speeds. Automotive stabilizer bar is applied at the lowest point of the automobile which is the best place for them. In some race cars, automotive stabilizer bar are mounted higher in the chassis. It is very important to decide the diameter of installed automotive stabilizer bar. Large diameter automotive stabilizer bar have lower speed than the smaller diameter automotive stabilizer bar.

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Market Overview:

Growing demand of automobiles has pushed engineers to launch new products which can provide safe and smooth drives to the consumers. Automotive stabilizer bar is one such example which prevents the cars from getting swayed during the turns. Due to the high growth of automobile market and growing disposable income, consumers have started spending more on accessories, safety equipment, and comfort. Automotive stabilizer bar market is expected to grow with a high CAGR in the forecast period.  Aftermarket of Automotive stabilizer bar is huge since they are used in race cars. Most of the race cars have splined stabilizer bars since they are adjustable and provide proper support while turning. Proper automotive stabilizer bar is the one which is compatible with the diameter and provides proper distribution of weights in all tires.

Not every automobile has stabilizer bars in them, vehicles that require larger force while turning but move on smooth roads have thicker and longer sway bars while the vehicles which move on rocky terrains and bumpy roads are equipped with thinner or no sway bars. Automotive stabilizer bar come in different shapes and sizes, and it depends on the functionality of vehicles that which sway bar has to be added in the automotive.

Market Dynamics:

It can be dangerous for a vehicle to roll too much during the turns, due to which the alignment of wheels can change resulting in reducing the grip of the vehicle. So it is important to provide sway bars which not only provide smooth turning but also gives consistent grip for braking. So, concern for safety has driven the automotive stabilizer bar market.

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