The global autonomous trains market is one of today’s highly-focused ones in the railway industry. Railway mishaps could be unavoidable, although this mode of transportation is considered to be safer and more efficient compared to road with fewer count of accidents recorded. However, autonomous trains promise travelersHow will the Market Perform in Future? of better safety, efficiency, and speed. The market has been receiving government support as the implantation of automation in trains gains demand. Besides increased efficiency and reduced count of accidents, autonomous trains could help with decreased pollution levels and reduced load on fossil fuels.

According to market analysts, high cost could act as a constraint arresting the growth of the global autonomous trains market. Nevertheless, manufacturers are focusing on the implementation of grades of automation during the development of trains. Furthermore, the automation technology field is said to be involved in continuous research and development. The market is anticipated to rise at a 12.7% CAGR between 2017 and 2025, where the track length for autonomous trains could increase from 7,538.8 km recorded in 2016 to 22,108.7 km by the final forecast year. This estimation has been taken from a report prepared by Transparency Market Research (TMR).

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What will the Competitive Landscape Look Like?

In January 2018, Rio Tinto inched closer toward the completion of its AutoHaul project as its Pilbara pit-to-port train is now running across more than 60% of all train kilometers in autonomous mode, albeit under human supervision. Looking at the growing attraction of railway transportation with improved facilities and advanced technology and greater emphasis on automation, players are expected to be encouraged for coming up with more developed trains in the near future. Strategic collaborations with government authorities and mergers and acquisitions could be a common scenario observed on the part of the market’s competitive landscape.