The B2 Group, a provider of cloud-based funds, payments, FX automation software and consultancy solutions to corporates, banks, fund administrators, and insurers across the globe, has recently announced the launch of Mobile Cash Management app especially developed for corporate treasurers. The app has already been welcomed by many transaction banks.

The app, termed as MCM can enable a smartphone or other portable and mobile devices to directly access the company’s coveted cloud-based automated banking integration service – B2 Multi-Bank Integrator™. Multi-Bank is a generation platform based on over two decades of experience and was launched during the beginning of 2016. The Multi-Bank platform already has a remarkably expanding community of banks.

The Multi-Bank platform processes incoming statements and outgoing payments automatically with the help of secure links with the banks so as to deliver to the clients quick and vast benefits such as the reconciliation of debit and credit payments, automated incoming statements, and a number of features for real-time access to clients. Multi-Bank also completely integrates with most TMS and ERP platforms, performing an end-to-end processing capability, while also being a cost-saving solution as it reduces the need for extra resources in back office.

The MCM app is available for corporates as a simple upgrade for the existing subscribers of Multi-Bank and offers a vast range of cash management functionalities suitable for use on smartphones. It also has refined cyber security features that can make treasury access and mobile cash safe for the users.