Baby Carrier Market is expected to grow during the forecast period and this is mainly due to adoption of social media and online e-commerce portals

A baby carrier is used to support an infant or new born baby on the carer’s body. It can be used to carry the baby either on one’s chest or one’s back. It helps in carrying infants easily and allows caregivers to maintain physical contact with the baby, which plays an important role in maintaining healthy cognitive development of the baby. The ergonomics of a baby carrier are very important in order to ensure proper hip and back development. Parents are opting for ergonomically designed baby carriers to ensure safety and comfort of babies. Another factor which plays an important role in the selection of baby carriers by consumers are versatility, safety and reliability, comfort, cost, and ease of use. The most popular baby carriers available in the market include wraps, ring slings, pouch slings, mei tai, and buckle carriers. Among these, wraps is the traditional and simplest of all carriers. They come in variety of lengths and fabrics including linen, gauze, cotton,knit jersey, wool and many more. Learning to make a wrap can be a bit challenging, but it can be mastered with practice.

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The main drivers impacting the growth of the global baby carrier market include growing demand for ergonomically designed carriers, innovation in functionality and new styles evolved in baby carriers, and growing need for mobility among parents. Some of the major challenges and restraints affecting the growth of the baby carrier market is parent concern regarding check of time versus cost. This is because as children continue to grow fast, baby carriers need to be changed according to their weight, age, and size. Therefore, usage of baby carriers which are not suitable for the weight of the baby and can affect the safety of baby is discouraged. Not adhering to this can cause the baby carrier to collapse due to the improper weight of the baby, thereby causing fatal accidents. This stops many parents from purchasing baby carriers. However, the global baby carrier market is expected to grow during the forecast period and this is mainly due to adoption of social media and online e-commerce portals by consumers for product purchase and replacement. An increase in the number of working women across the world has also led to the increase in sales of baby carriers globally. Also, vendors are looking to innovate their products to gain significant market share and this is helping in the growth of the overall market globally. Various vendors have started to integrate sensors in baby carriers which helps in monitoring the health of the infant at specific intervals. This data along with personalized care suggestions for parents and doctors is displayed on mobile apps through automated generated reports.

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The global baby carrier market can be categorized on the basis of product type and region. The product type segment can further be classified into wrap baby carriers, ring sling baby carrier, meitai baby carries, pouch sling baby carrier, buckle baby carrier and others. On the basis of geography, the global baby carrier market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America.

The major players in the global baby carrier market are BabyBjrn, MOBY, Artsana, Chimparoo, Ergobaby, Evenflo, Infantino, Brevi, Baby K’tan, Bitybean, Baby Tula, Hot Slings, BabySwede, Snuggy Baby, Beco Baby, Balboa Baby, Beachfront Baby, JJ Cole Collections, and Combi among others. These companies are trying to focus more on partnerships and increasing their distribution channels so as to increase their market share in the global baby carrier market.


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