Your Own Body Cells will Fight Cancer in the Future

Your Own Body Cells will Fight Cancer in the Future

Radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery are leading cancer treatments and widely adopted. They are more commonplace and are effective as well as successful for different types of tumors. But what if your own body cells could fight off cancer cells? The approach is known as adoptive cell therapy. Researchers hope to use this therapy to turn your body cells into cancer killers. Tactiva Therapeutics, an immune-oncology startup based in Buffalo, is developing a personalized cancer treatment in this direction.

What Exactly is Adoptive Cell Therapy?

The approach involves a type of immune cells (T-cells) given to a patient to help them fight off diseases. T-cells from the patient’s own tumor tissue or blood find application in case of cancer. After growing the cells under laboratory conditions, T-cells injected into the patient kill cancer cells. In some cases, these cells are processed to turn them into targeted cells.

Tactiva’s Unique Approach Sets them Apart

While the use of immune cells is the norm in adoptive cell therapy, Tactiva has come up with a novel solution. The company plans to use both immune cells and adult stem cells. This is a modified version of the adoptive cell therapy, and has immense potential. As a result, a secondary type of cell that can fight off the cancerous cells is formed. This cell, termed as the hematopoietic stem cell, can grow into a sustainable, long-term source of cancer-killing immune cells.

Tactiva has forged a partnership with the Buffalo Institute for Genomics and Data Analytics. This will provide support to the company’s future research into cancer fighter T-cell receptors.

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