Broadcast Testing and Measurement Market – Key Players are Marshall Electronics, Broadcast Bridge, Comsearch, Leader Instruments, Hamlet Video International Limited

The broadcast industry is extremely technology-driven and utilizes a wide array of mechanisms and devices such as set-up boxes, satellites and others to carry out a production. Test and measurement are conducted in order to assess and evaluate the functional output of these devices. This is a persistent process which requires relentless testing of devices to ensure their proper functioning and to assess the results. Manufacturers of consumer electronics require test and measurement equipment to develop and produce TVs, satellite receivers, and other consumer electronic equipment, including devices with high-resolution formats such as UltraHD. Broadcasters and cable network operators require high-performance instruments for digital and analog baseband generation, demodulation, modulation and analysis, including baseband analysis. Multi-standard test and measurement platforms cover an extensive variety of broadcast and video technologies, offering high flexibility at all phases of the value chain. Furthermore, video and audio equipment involve increasingly complex test equipment which is rising the need of more tests and measurement equipment. The test and measurement equipment are highly complex measurement devices. Hence, the devices need to be more automated enabling less-trained people to use and understand the results. Manufacturers strive to launch broadcast products faster. Vendors rely on smart measurement technology to shorten development time. This in turn leads to faster and more cost-efficient time to market and a consistently high-quality and easy-to-use product.

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Broadcast testing and measurement solutions address exploitable software problems and ensure that equipment utilized are according to the standards and requirements. The global broadcast testing and measurement market is witnessing significant growth due to its features of ensuring continuity of broadcasting operations while being cost effective. Installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting broadcast TV systems can be a complex and time-consuming process, therefore, broadcasters prefer implementation of test and measurement equipment. Increase in technological advancements in networking and communication contributes significantly to the growth of broadcast testing and measurement solutions. Rise in demand for broadcast test and measurement equipment among broadcasters and cable operators for the longevity of their products is expected to drive the broadcast testing and measurement market during the forecast period.

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