Uber to Invest $200 Mn for Improvement of AI for Self-Driving Cars

Dara Khosrowshahi, a chief executive officer (CEO) of the Uber, announced that plan for investment of Canadian $200 mn in order to expand their engineering hub in the city. The ride-hailing company which is based in the San Francisco is trying to improve their services and the branch of Toronto will continue to take efforts for expansion of their business. The company is trying to rebuild its brand name after

UPS Uses Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI to Catapult Operations

Investing around US$1.0 bn in technology annually, UPS is said to prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) with its many ways of leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and big data. For instance, UPS Bot developed by the company can respond to common customer queries and mimic human conversations. It could even give out shipping rates and track packages. Customers could use Google Assistant, Alexa, and other virtual assistants, social media

Connectivity of Cars Boost Safety and Saves Energy

The ability of cars to communicate or share data wirelessly is called vehicle to vehicle communication or V2V. In V2V, data such as position of the car in real time as well as the speed of the car can be shared. Connected Cruise saves energy and improve safety by making use of a good way to communication so as to enable automated vehicles to respond simultaneously to multiple cars. Connected

MIT Researchers Develop MapLite, Enabling Self-driving Cars to Drive on Roads Untravelled

The recent car fatality by self-driving uber has underlined the fact that this technology is not hit up to the mark and feasible for widespread adoption. One of the reasons is there are not many places where self-driving cars can actually drive. Google and other companies have only tested their self-driving cars in major cities where they have spent tedious time ensuring that every lane, off-ramp, curbs, and stop signs