CEO and CFO at Myntra Quit After Binny Bansal Exit From Flipkart

Binny Bansal, co-founder of an ecommerce giant, Flipkart exited from his position and the company after the serious allegations against him on Tuesday, about the personal misconduct. This event is having a domino effect on Ananth Narayan, CEO of another big name in the ecommerce industry, Myntra, and Dipanjan Basu, Chief Financial Officer, who have resigned from their position, a close source reported on this matter. The organization reaaraged the

Walmart to start Online Deals post an Early Thanksgiving this Year

Several prominent retailers in developed markets, notably in the U.S., have geared up to make whopping gains from the upcoming festive season post the Black Friday. Experts anticipate household spending in the U.S. to burgeon by a large slice (by as much as 25% higher) compared to the previous year. Retailers with the likes of Walmart and Amazon, targeting both on online and offline consumers, are leaving no stone unturned

Apple Inc. to become First Publically Listed US-based Company

Apple Inc. is now the first company with US$1 trillion and publically listed US-based Company on Thursday. High demand for iPhone over the decade has fuelled the growth of the company from a small player of personal computers to a global player and powerhouse players for entertainment and communications. Stocks of the company jumped by 2.8% to as high as US$207.05 and rise from 9% from Tuesday when it reported

New Fire TV Cube from Amazon Ideal for Couch Potatoes, Enabling Hands-free Operation of TV

Amazon’s new Fire TV streaming device, Alexa is coming and this device will shout out when users wants to turn on or off the TV, change channels, look for sitcoms which they want to see, all of this without the need for pushing any buttons. However, the Fire TV cube is not absolutely hands-free also. There are some apps and streaming services which require viewers to pick up the included

Alcohol Containers Starve Consumers of Warnings and Other Critical Information

University of Otago’s new research in Wellington, New Zealand indicates high deficiency of alcohol beverage containers’ current health warning labels. Authors of the research study suggest that there could probably be a requirement of mandatory standardized labelling which sketches out cancer, drink-driving, pregnancy, and other significant alcohol-related risks. In the research, it was found that details about health risks generally lacked on some containers. For instance, drink-driving was warned by

Robot Skin Helps Robots to Express Emotions with Spikes and Goosebumps

Cornell University researchers have started to explore an unusual means of communicating with robots, i.e. adding tactile sensation. In this regard, depending on its mood, a robot has been enabled to produce spikes or goosebumps on its robot skin created by the research team. Efforts of the researchers at the 2018 International Conference on Soft Robotics have been presented in a paper. Previously, human-like emotional expressions were given to robots

Low-income Countries to Benefit from New Technologies that Maps Population Data for Future Planning

Studies done by the University of Southampton is assisting the government of low-income countries by strengthening their ability to facilitate the building and use of population maps, for planning the future and responding to emergencies. Wordpop at the university, has partnered with nonprofit organization Flowminder Foundation, for forging links with different regions throughout the world for supporting the manufacture of population maps that are detailed as well as demographic datasets

How about Digital Darwinism for the Hotel Industry?

A yet to be published report by Sabre and Altimeter Group says thanks to digital Darwinism, hospitality brands are now as good as technology-leveraged Uber, Dollar Shave Club, and Tinder. Digital Darwinism refers to connected consumerism and impacts of new technologies and services in reshaping market contours. Digital Darwinism is something that is expected to support a clutch of initiatives by Sabre which will likely constitute a platform approach towards