Low-income Countries to Benefit from New Technologies that Maps Population Data for Future Planning

Studies done by the University of Southampton is assisting the government of low-income countries by strengthening their ability to facilitate the building and use of population maps, for planning the future and responding to emergencies. Wordpop at the university, has partnered with nonprofit organization Flowminder Foundation, for forging links with different regions throughout the world for supporting the manufacture of population maps that are detailed as well as demographic datasets

How about Digital Darwinism for the Hotel Industry?

A yet to be published report by Sabre and Altimeter Group says thanks to digital Darwinism, hospitality brands are now as good as technology-leveraged Uber, Dollar Shave Club, and Tinder. Digital Darwinism refers to connected consumerism and impacts of new technologies and services in reshaping market contours. Digital Darwinism is something that is expected to support a clutch of initiatives by Sabre which will likely constitute a platform approach towards