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Fanuc’s New Artificial Intelligence based Tool to Ease the Robot Training Process

The introduction of automation in manufacturing has significantly enhanced the cost-to-production ratio. It is the introduction of robotics and artificial intelligence that has contributed to the proliferation of automation in manufacturing operations. A renowned robotics company, Fanuc, is leveraging the artificial intelligence technology to ease the process of training robots. They recently announced an AI-based tool that substantially minimizes the time involved in training robots. They used sensor technology and

With US$30 Million Apple is One of the Biggest AWS Customers

Apart from a tight race, Apple and Amazon share a mutual business correlation. Apple spends approximately USD 30 million per month on Amazon’s cloud. This huge investment on cloud technology reflects the company’s conviction to deliver services swiftly and smoothly. As iPhone is gradually reaching market saturation, the company is focusing more on its online services to reap revenues. Recently, company discontinued disclosing its unit sales figures for iPhone and

Pig Brain Shows Brain Activity even After Death

Recently, Professor Nenad Sestan along with his team have restored cellular activity and circulation in a pig’s brain, post death. Additionally, the researcher couldn’t find any evidence of perception or awareness. This research has raised questions against the previous belief that stated brain functions are irrevocable after death. Moreover, it has opened new avenues for scientists in which they can study the brain in its intact form. Oxygen Deprivation Key

Limited Effect of Workplace Wellness Programs on Employees

  The corporate environment has taken a large space in a formal working setup. Nowadays most of the organizations are favoring corporate culture, which has simultaneously boosted various employee-friendly programs. Most widely used program is workplace wellness, which enhances employees’ productivity and reduces health care spending. But this connotation does not align with the results provided by Harvard’s new study. According to the Harvard’s study, these programs act as an

Innovative Methods for Data-Compression Pacing Up Computer Programs

Researchers from MIT have developed a technique compressing “objects” inside the memory hierarchy to free up bandwidth. This technique enables computer to work on more jobs and run faster, freeing memory simultaneously. An epic procedure packs “objects” in memory out of the blue, opening up more memory for PCs, enabling them to run quicker and perform more tasks all the while, credit Christine Daniloff, MIT. Making Memory Hierarchy That Deals

Employing Water-Splitting Techniques to Develop New Batteries

Recently, researchers developed nanoscale hydrogen batteries using water-splitting technology. Researchers from MITs department of materials science and engineering and MIT Lincoln Laboratory conducted this research. These batteries will deliver faster charging, longer life, and reduce wastage of energy. Moreover, these batteries are likely to adapt physically to unique structural needs and are easy to fabricate at room temperature. At present, water-splitting methods are in use to produce hydrogen for large-scale

Researchers Revolutionizing the Way Information Travels

Recently, researchers have developed a novel photonic switch capable of controlling the direction of light passing through an optical fiber. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, achieved the fastest optical switch that has never been achieved before. One-day “traffic cop” will revolutionize the way information travels through high-performance and data centers. The information is widely used for artificial intelligence and other data-intensive applications. Traffic Cop When Connected to Optical

Your Own Body Cells will Fight Cancer in the Future

Radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery are leading cancer treatments and widely adopted. They are more commonplace and are effective as well as successful for different types of tumors. But what if your own body cells could fight off cancer cells? The approach is known as adoptive cell therapy. Researchers hope to use this therapy to turn your body cells into cancer killers. Tactiva Therapeutics, an immune-oncology startup based in Buffalo, is

New Artificial Intelligence-Platform to Enable Development of On-premise AI Solutions

Advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has led to development of machines and systems that supersede human brains. It has opened new doors for data management and analysis with the help of precise statistical data. Researchers are now working on diversifying the applications of AI. The healthcare industry serves as major platform for the adoption and development of AI. However, collecting and analyzing extensive amount of patient data is a challenge

Brain Corp will be Introducing New Robotic Platform

The era of steam passed and the world jumped into modern technologies. Similarly, we are observing a pattern in the robotic as core technologies such as encoders and sensors. This is due to the relatively low cost and reliability of encoders and sensors. Additionally, this is leading to an explosion of robotics applications. In the early 20th century, internal combustion engines were reliable and prices were low. The technology is