China to Witnessed Doubled Up LNG Trucking Capacity by 2025

Left with a limited pipeline capacity and inland coverage, the China market is focusing aggressively on trucking to manage the irregularities in liquefied natural gas deliveries. According to a report by Wood Mackenzie, a global chemicals, energy, renewables, and metals and mining research and consultancy agency, issued on Monday, June 04, 2018, China’s trucking capacity of liquefied natural gas (LNG) is likely to get doubled, touching 38 million tons by

Researchers at France Develop Aerial Robot which can Change its Profile During Flight

After being inspired from Birds, researchers have designed an aerial robot which is capable of changing its profile during flight. This is especially helpful since it can rearrange its arms which are equipped with propellers to reduce its wingspan and navigate through tight spaces. New generation robots can move across narrow path and this makes them perfect for exploration as well as search and rescue missions. This new development is

Privacy Filter to Disable Facial Recognition Developed by Researchers

While uploading a picture or a video to a social media platform, every time you give away a little more information about you to the facial recognition system. These calculations ingest information about your identity, your area and individuals you know, and they are continually making enhancements. As concerns over the security and privacy of the on social platforms increases, a team of U of T researchers, which is headed

SDVs to be Four Times Safer than HDVs, Reveals Study

Companies are ferociously embroiled in the race to come first in rolling out their automated driverless cars on the road; however, the recent accidents that involved autonomous vehicles manufactured by Tesla Inc. and Uber Technology Inc. have resulted in consumers begun to question that whether these automobiles actually can ease out traffic issues and enhance safety. According to a new research study, published in Risk Analysis, analyze the most important

3D Printing of Multi-materials Now Possible!

From black and white to color printing advancements in printing technology has not stopped. Today, 3D printing technology has become common but it is not so common for the Washington State University Research team to have used 3D printing technology for a one-step process in order to print structures made up of different materials. This advancement can help manufacturers the seven steps of manufacturing and just make use of one

LG Finds Solution to Heal Motion Sickness in VR Users with New Technology

New breakthrough in VR technology has been developed by LG Display to help avoid motion sickness symptoms such as headache and dizziness by cutting short the delay between images shown on the screen and movement of users. The solution is said to offer higher-resolution images after converting low-resolution content, thus substantially reducing the aforementioned delay. The company developed this solution during a joint research with Sogang University. One of the

Scientists Develop New Way to Fabricate Nanoribbons

An international team of researchers have developed another method which is a unique growth mechanism which develops nanoscopic semiconductor ribbons which are just a few atom thick. The research team has fabricated MoS2 nanoribbons through a growth mechanism known as vapor liquid solid via a chemical vapor deposition process. In Chemical vapor deposition solid material is deposited from a vapor by a chemical reaction which occurs in the vicinity of

Bioengineering to Gather Pace with Use of New Machine Learning Technique

Berkeley Lab scientists from the Department of Energy have come up with a new way to employ machine learning for significantly accelerating the design of biofuel-producing microbes. Metabolites and proteins in a microbial pathway that produces biofuel are shed light upon with abundant data at the start of a computer algorithm. However, no information about the pathway’s working is provided. Nevertheless, the algorithm used data from earlier experiments to learn

Engineers at MIT Develop Pressure Sensing Photonic Fibres for Treating Venous Ulcers

People who suffer from conditions in which veins have a problem in returning blood from the lower extremities as well as those who suffer from venous ulcers are given a compression therapy. The affected limb of the patient is wrapped tightly with compression bandages and stockings so as to stimulate the flow of blood. However, there is no clear way to determine whether the band is which has been applied

Learning Communication between Cells to Assist in Precisely Attacking Diseases

Understanding the way in which human cells communicate is expected to give rise to new treatments for autoimmune disorders and cancer, reveals a revolutionary lab-on-a-chip technology. Insights about individual cell behavior unheard of before are offered by the technology developed by Australian-Swiss researchers. A miniature biosensor was built by a joint force of researchers from Lausanne’s Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), and RMIT University.