Scientists discovered a New Path to Cure Inflammatory and Immune Diseases

In a recent study performed at the University of Texas, the researchers have successfully discovered a new way to the regulation of immune response and further cure some of the inflammatory diseases related to nervous system. The lead professor at the University further explained by saying that it is mandatory to know what activates the inflammatory reaction to bacterial infection in order to alter the immune response. He also stated

Extracellular Matrix Genes to Predict Immunotherapy Success in Cancer

In a recent study by researchers at Princesses Marget Cancer Centre, they developed genes signature biomarker that can indicate whether a patient is likely to respond to immune therapy or not. One of the researchers at the center stated that the gene signature discovered is related the body’s molecular network known as the extracellular matrix that not only supports the cells physically but also constructs them. He further added that

Epithelial Sheets show Superelasticity to withstand 3D Deformations

Skin has generated considerable interest among researchers for their elastic properties. The properties are attributed largely to the presence of tensions in cells. Cytoskeletal filaments, the key constituent of all cells across all organisms, are what are responsible for causing and resisting tension and also give the cells their shape. It has been known for years that cells exhibit small deformations when impacted by force, and returns to the original

Team of Scientists to Discover Critical Cancer Immunity Genes Using an Innovative Technique

A group of scientists from the Mount Sinai have recently made a development regarding a novel technology, which is used for simultaneously studying the several functions of the hundreds of genes that has a resolution reaching the single level of cell. This technology completely depends on a barcoding approach and making use of a novel protein that has been described in a research paper, which has been recently published in

Researchers Discover Regenerative Potential of Bioelectronic Medicine

Researchers from Washington University School of Medicine and Northwestern University have discovered a biodegradable medicine that is implantable and has the potential to improve the damaged nerve. The biodegradable wireless device has the ability to speed nerve revival. The scientists and the engineer from neurosurgeon from Washington University demonstrated that a device emitting continuous nerve impulses of electricity to the peripheral nerves in rats after they underwent a surgery for

Researchers observe Chewing Gum can be Vitamins Supplements

Around 15 percent of the variety of chewing product are sold with the promise of delivering health enhancing supplements to its consumers. Scientists from Penn State, a public research university based in Pennsylvania, studied whether chewing gums supplemented with vitamins were effective at delivering the vitamins to our body. The overall study demonstrated that gum can be effective system for providing some vitamins to our body. The researchers closely examined

Researchers develop new Drug against Tuberculosis

The rapid spread of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is one of the key drivers of the tuberculosis (TB) epidemic across the globe. The microorganisms hide from antibiotic inside the immune cell that should have killed the agents, thereby making the treatment time-consuming as well as difficult. In November issue of ACS Infectious Diseases, chemists from University of Connecticut stated that a new drug (antibiotics) has the ability to find and

G-Protein-Coupled Receptors to be Used in the Treatment of Cancer

G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) present in the body are acts as signal transducers which allows cells to respond to their external environments. GPCRs play a crucial role in numerous biological functions such as heart rate, vision, smell, and taste allergic responses. GPCR malfunction might lead to a rising in the number of diseases and side effects many therapeutic drugs works due to its influence on these proteins. Researchers at the University

Cannabis can be Effective For Treatment of Numerous Health Conditions

The researchers at the University of New Mexico found that the medical cannabis provides immediate symptoms relief of numerous health symptoms. They used new mobile technology which also reduced the risks of the possible side effects. The two different studies such as “Patient-Reported Symptom Relief Following Medical Cannabis Consumption” and “Effectiveness of Raw, Natural Medical Cannabis Flower for Treating Insomnia under Naturalistic Conditions” analyzed the data collected from Releaf App.

New Stem Cell-Based Treatment Discovered for Childhood Brain Cancer

The latest research on brain tumor finds that stem cells that kill cancer can be a new direction toward tumor treatment. Scientists from University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, UNC School of Medicine reported results from early studies that demonstrates how skin cells of a person with brain tumor can be converted into stem cells, which help reduce the size of the tumor. Not only that, the life