New Recycled Tyres to Improve Concrete Resistance from Fire

According to a recent study, a new way could help protect concrete from fire damage. This is done using recycled material of old tyres. Scientists at University of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, find out in their research. The fibre from textile reinforcement were the raw material for the research. They are commonly used to improve performance of tyres. Upon adding these fibres to the concrete mix, test results shows that

Invisible Plastic Made Possible with Use of Antireflection Coating

Antireflection (AR) coatings have a variety of practical uses, including glare reduction in eyeglasses, computer monitors and outdoor displays on your smartphone. Researchers at the University of Penn have now developed an antireflection coating to improve existing coatings to virtually invisible transparent plastics like Plexiglas. The approach involved focusing light on small, highly efficient plastic solar cells while reducing their loss of reflection. Their anti-reflection layer worked well over the

A Newly Found Internal Structure of Corn Could Help to Improve Production of Ethanol

New research in the US’s important plant – corn – has observed varied internal structures. These structures will likely to help for optimizing conversion process of the corn into ethanol. The economy of the country majorly depends upon the ethanol, but, the researchers haven’t explored the internal structure of the corn. Tuo Wang, Assistant Professor at LSU Department of Chemistry said that almost gasoline contains 10% of the ethanol. In

A New Machine Learning Method for Identifying Fake Honey

A researcher’s team at Imperial College London and UCL has developed a method for authenticating machine learning. This technique that can detect mislabelled honey was published in the paper published on the arXiv. Honey is one of the fabricated food products that can be mislabelled and can lead to selling wrong products or diluted product. Gerard Glowacki, one of the researchers said that honey plant-derived product, which contains different pollens.

New Floodplain Zoning Developed that Processes Topographic Datasets in Minutes

Enrique Vivoni, a hydrologist from the School of Earth and Space Exploration and ASU professor has come up with a first exhaustive high-resolution map of Earth’s floodplain. A team of scientists has also accompanied them in carrying out this study. Floodplains play a crucial role in economic activities, population centers, and transportation; therefore, it is essential to identify their extents. This new Earth’s floodplains one can categorize the human footprint

Non-Timber Forest Products can Alleviate Poverty in Rural Areas

Forests are treasure troves of natural resources. Besides timber, tribes also harvest non-timber forest products like nuts, honey, fungi, medicinal plants, barks, and flowers. These products, known for their wide range of applications, can be a promising source of income. Products such as fruits, honey, and nuts are always in demand. Also, many forest plants and flowers possess medicinal values, and are in great demand from Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers. Further,

Researchers develop Non-toxic Additives for Plastic Products

The virtually limitless variety of products that can be made of plastics, unarguably, points to their rising ubiquity in everyday consumer products. However, many of the uses have been drawing considerable flak from across the world owing to the presence of toxic additives. Additives such as plasticizers for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) have attracted groundswell of attention of regulators. Particularly, phthalates, which find abundant use as most common plasticizer in PVC,

Natural Procedures of Hair Dye Created with Cheminformatics Advancement

The practice of changing hair color has been on trend from the past two decades. Reasons for coloring may differ from different age groups. Some may want to hide those grey lines of age that is easily spotted while some may want to experiment with new looks and appear attractive to the outer world. According to a new research, dying hair has become as easy as going to the library.

Scientists reveal Effective Strategies to Boost Organic Production

With constant decline in bee pollinators and increasing usage of harmful pesticides over past few years, the need for adopting environment-friendly solutions for organic and sustainable farming. The researchers reveal that the best strategies to expand and increase the production of the crop is bee pollination. But, scientists also suggested that this process will have huge effect when the area surrounding the farm has optimum proportion of agricultural land and

Scientists Determine New Strategies for Next-Generation Biofuel

Conventional insights offered by research on biofuels convey that efficiency of carbon is the most effective strategy for producing better biofuel. According to scientists, the production efficiency is directly proportional to number of carbon from crops which get utilized for making biofuel. But getting more carbon in biofuel may not be the defining point. According to recent study by researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and the Great Lakes Bioenergy