Researchers Have Found a Possible Origin and Working of Human Speech

Researchers have learned neural circuits present in the rhesus macaque monkeys which could represent a common origin for speech and communication in humans and monkeys. These findings proved that these circuits are responsible for face recognition, changing facial expression, and changes in emotions. The team from the Rockefeller University in New York City used an experimental setup which is used for MRI of brains. Winrich Freiwald, one of the scientist

NASA set to go Near the Sun with the Parker Solar Probe

NASA is on plan the mankind’s first trip to the Sun with a car-sized probe – the Parker Solar Probe – that will reach within the 4 million of the solar surface. This probe will face heat and radiations from the Sun which no another spacecraft has been tolerated before. It might be released on 6 August with United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy. It will the closest study of

A poke ball to catch aquatic animals and release safely underwater

The open ocean is the least explored and largest ocean on the Earth that could hold up a million species that yet to be explored. Many of them might be soft-bodies such as jellyfish and octopus which are difficult to catch for studies with existing tools. A new tool developed by the researchers at the Harvard University’s Wyss Institute, John A is able to trap these sea animals inside the

Cornell University Researchers Develop Emotional & Expressive Robots

Guy Hoffman and his students at Human-robot collaboration and companionship lab have invented a preliminary design of a robot which is capable of expressing emotions by changing its external surface. The skin of robot is covered with a grid of texture units (TUs) whose shapes are functioned by fluidic actuators, which allows them to change their properties and shape by demand. The incorporation of texture changing skin by modalities of

A New On/Off Controller Can Enhance Cell to Cell Communications

Cellular functions depend on various communication systems that enable cells to expeditiously respond to indicators conditioning an organism. A latest research report has claimed the structure that terminates vital cell to cell transmission alley are associated with various diseases. Nicholas Doucet’s research team has successfully discovered a molecular switch, which is casting light on the functions of receptor tyrosine kinases and is a famous subclass of protein. These complex organisms

Future of E-skin to Find New Touchstone with E-whiskers

Published in Advanced Materials, an important research conducted at the University of Texas at Dallas has helped create an electronic, artificial variant of whiskers called e-whiskers with the use of shape-memory polymers. E-whiskers are observed to copy the properties of real whiskers. As per the researchers, engineering of electronic human skin could see telling advancement with the application of e-whiskers. Northwestern University’s postdoctoral researcher, Jonathan Reeder BS’12, Ph.D.’16 said that

MIT Professors Develop Wetsuits Having Lowest Thermal Conductivity

The survival time even when wearing the best of wetsuits is extremely limited when the Navy Seals carry out their dives in the Arctic Waters or when people or rescue teams need to dive in lakes and ponds which are covered in ice. More over the experience can be extremely painful as the pain is excruciating. It is therefore very important to find out ways and means to extend the

Interstellar Dust Older than the Solar System Found Around Earth

An international team of scientists has discovered interstellar dust particles in the Earth’s atmosphere, and have concluded that they are older than the Earth as well as the Solar System. The international team was led by Hope Ishii, who also is the director of advanced electron microscopy center at the University of Hawaii. Further Insights into the Discovery The interstellar dust has been discovered to exist in the upper reaches

Rutgers-led Scientist Team Develops New 2D Artificial Material Class

In 1965, a well-known physicist, Philip W. Anderson, discovered that ferroelectric metals were good conductors of electricity even without existing in nature and theorized it. However, for many years, scientists thought that it would not be possible to prove this theory given by the Princeton University physicist, who shared the Nobel Prize in physics in 1977. Although it was like trying to mix water and fire, but an international team

Significant Reduction in Production Cost Of Solar cells

90 percent of the market of photovoltaic technologies is made of silicon-based solar cells. Silicon based solar cells are cost efficient, offers high efficiency, and stable. There has been decades of R&D in this field and today silicon-based solar cells are at it’s highest possible efficiency. As a result, long term reduction in dollar electricity prices can be achieved through new concepts, which are anticipated to enable photovoltaic technology to