Natural Flame-Retardant Coating to Reduce Flammability

Researchers at A&M University in Texas are developing a flame-retardant coating using a non-toxic and renewable material available in nature. It can possibly reduce flammability of polyurethane foam widely used in making furniture. In collaboration with Stockholm’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology and team, the coating has already come into existence. One of the Stockholm researchers Dr. Jaime Grunlan says that, both cellulose and clay, found naturally act as mechanical

Apple is Increasing Its Volume of a new iPhone Chip

Apple has begun manufacturing the heart of its next iPhone. Arguably, the most important component inside a smartphone is the applications processor. This controls how quickly and efficiency apps run, how smoothly 3D games run, and the quality of photos and videos that users take. Each year, Apple makes substantial advances in the performance and capabilities of the chips that power its latest iPhones. This advancement ultimately helps Apple build devices with

Cold Temperatures Can Sap Efficiencies of Electric Car Batteries

It’s no secret that cold weather can reduce the effectiveness of a battery, regardless of the application. A new study by the American Automobile Association (AAA) confirms that electric cars are no exception. Moreover, nothing is worse when owners crank up the heat to keep themselves warm. Each vehicle is on a dynamometer test in a climate-controlled environment. During each battery-draining run, they altered the temperature in the room surrounding

Depth Sensing Market: Anticipated To Offer Significant Growth Opportunities

Depth sensing is the process of measuring the distance to an object with the help of a depth sensor device. The target to be measured can be a line, dot, or even a collection of dots making an area. The advent of depth sensors has made it possible to track monocular signs and the real depth values of the environment. Besides this, depth sensors also have the capability to capture

Detention Pond Analysis Design Software Market: Asia Pacific region is expected to register high growth

Detention ponds are basins used to hold water temporarily. These ponds are one of the popular options for flood control. Moreover, they reduce the amount of pollutants that enter the ground water and improve the quality of water and protect water channels. Detention ponds are open basins which provide live storage volume to reduce storm water runoff flow rates. Detention ponds are commonly used for flow control in locations where

Digital Project Delivery Solutions Market: Increasing Adoption Of Digital Technologies Such As Cloud

Businesses, both large and small, unquestionably alter numerous projects, plans, tasks, and people while completing projects. Digital project delivery solutions seek to transform the manner in which industry delivers projects in the digital environment. There are certain factors such as insufficient planning, contractor and supplier constraints, and poor controls or management, contributing to plan revisions leading to missing project deliveries. Digital project delivery solutions try to reduce the errors that

Managed Application Service Market: Asia Pacific Is Expected To Be A Lucrative

Managed application services allow to successfully outsource complete application support for in-house installations and related third-party products. Application maintenance and support has become a major challenge owing to the constantly changing regulatory and technology landscape. Budget restrictions and organizational needs have forced several financial institutions to focus strictly on immediate needs. Thus, managed application services help shorten production cycles, reduce downtime and volatility, and improve ability to respond to changing

Network Data Analytics Market: Lucrative Opportunity across Globe

Data analytics (DA) is the procedure of exploring various data sets so as to carry out detailed analysis of the available information, with the help of specialized software and systems. Data analytics techniques and technologies are widely used in the commercial sector to enable enterprises to make more-informed business decisions and guide the researchers and scientists to disprove or verify scientific theories, hypothesis, and models. Networks are a core part

Radio Propagation Software Market: Asia Pacific Is Witnessing More Opportunities

Wireless communications and networking are omnipresent today in both enterprise data networks and service provider (primarily telephone companies and cable operators) networks. There has been an increase in the need for user applications that provide high bandwidth solutions. It is observed that wireless technology is moving toward seamless transmission of data without any physical medium. Moreover, rapid increase in operating expenditure and energy consumption has also been observed for telecommunication

Real Time People Counting System Market: Creating Lucrative Business Opportunities

Real-time people flow data is beneficial for security purposes and management of people such as tourist flow estimation and pedestrian traffic management. It is necessary to obtain precise information about visitors at specific places such as market places, shopping malls, and departmental stores at any given time. Many of such measurements are still carried out manually. Therefore, it is essential to improve the automatic method of counting the people in