Electrical or electronic scrap (e-scrap) has been gradually increasing in the recent years which includes old electronic devices and large home appliances such as air conditioning systems, refrigerators, computers, consumer electronics, and even smartphones. So far, reuse of such waste has only been limited to the separation of valuable materials. Researchers around the world have been looking for ways to reuse the electronic wastes that would not only provide several

In-vehicle Infotainment Systems Market: Up-to-Date Analysis of Latest Trends in Market

Infotainment technology is a rapidly developing technology in the entertainment industry. Embedded infotainment systems in automobiles help deliver entertainment and information. The technology was developed in order to enhance driver assistance systems in cars and light-duty trucks. The first entertainment system in a vehicle was the radio system, developed in 1960. Presently, due to advances in technology, infotainment systems in vehicles perform activities such as managing and playing audio content,

Quick Service Restaurant IT Market: Overview of key Market Forces Propelling and Restraining Market Growth

The presence of a large number of software companies offering distinguished services to the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry in the U.S. has made the U.S. QSR IT market highly competitive, reports Transparency Market Research (TMR) in a recent report. The top five vendors in the market collectively accounted for a mere 25% in the overall market in 2015. To gain an edge, IT services and solutions providers for the

Microsoft to Rollout Legislations on Facial Recognition Technology

Microsoft has revealed a new set of principles that it would be following to effectuate facial recognition technology, and the company is vehemently urging competitors to follow the same convention for this technology. Furthermore, the company is also making assertions with regards to the need to incorporate new laws that could help in revolutionising facial recognition technology. The president of Microsoft, Brad Smith, while addressing a gathering at Brookings Institution,

Researchers Develop Microstructures Capable of Making Better Solar Cells

Geckos have particularly sticky feet that are covered with microscopic, hear-like edifices with a distinct physical and chemical composition and a high level of flexibility. Microstructures, called setae, allow geckos to grip ceilings and walls effortlessly. Several times, scientists have tried to replicate such structures in labs using a variety of materials. However, most designs have turned out to of limited functionality, not aptly replicating the flexibility of setae. However

Car Sharing Holds Immense Promise for Future, says Chinese Execs

Transportation and auto leaders in China are betting high on the possibility of car sharing rather than people individually owning cars being the future of the country’s transportation sector in the near future. According to Freeman Shen, the CEO and founder of electric car firm WM Motor, the new generation is more interested in accessibility of vehicles as compared to owning vehicles. Several technological developments in the past few years

German Cartel Office Launches Probe into Amazon's Conduct with Sellers

E-commerce giant Amazon is being investigated by the German antitrust officials regarding several complaints about Amazon’s conduct with sellers on the website The probe has been launched to investigate whether the company is preventing fair competition; The EU is already examining how the e-commerce company is using the data gathered from online sellers. The German Cartel Office has stated in a recent press release that an abuse proceeding is

WeBank Banks on AI and Virtual Robots for Improved Customer Care

China’s first bank that operates only through a web interface and does not have a physical, brick and mortar establishment – WeBank – seems to be on the way to incorporating artificial intelligence and virtual robots for improving customer service. The bank hopes that with the help of technologies such as speech recognition, facial recognition, and natural language processing, it can bring greater efficiencies in several banking roles. In roles

Mobile Photo Printer Market- Increasing Mobility In Business Operations And For Personal Uses Along With Growing Trend Towards Cloud Printing

Mobile photo printing is basically printing of photos directly from a mobile end device on a printer available in the same network. Initially, after clicking pictures from a mobile phone needed to load firstly on a computer then the computer was being connected to a printer to print those photos and this was a time consuming task. The photo printing task became very feasible with the introduction of mobile photo printer

Agriculture Drone Market

The vendor landscape of the global agriculture drone market is expected to witness entrance of new players who are expected to bring advance technologies to the market, helping the market move ahead in the direction of maturity, observes Transparency Market Research in a recent report. Venture funding has already started picking pace in the field of agriculture technologies and big investors are becoming more willing to invest in start-ups with new solutions