Secure Socket Layer Certification Market: Increasing Application Of Cloud Computing Technology And Internet Of Things (IoT)

Secure Socket Layer Certification Market – Overview Security socket layer (SSL) is a broadly used security protocol that most web servers use to ensure a secure machine to machine (M2M) connection for communication and transactions over an unsecured network such as the internet. Essentially, SSL is used when a web browser needs to be securely connected to a web server over the unsecured internet. Technically, SSL is a transparent protocol,

Researchers to Launch a Report on APIs and Privacy

Researchers from the University of Michigan and Fordham Law School, associated with AT&T, are willing to help people understand better about Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). API allows data sharing, which leaves a person’s data exposed and easy to breaches, just like on Facebook and Google. On February 5 in Washington, D.C. at the AT&T Policy Forum’s Symposium, researchers from the U.S. have presented their study on “APIs and Your Privacy

Now Virtual Reality to Help Design Cars, Ford Experiments

American automaker Ford develops technology for the design of cars for virtual reality. A 3D model of a race car with an interior and exterior, turbot and hybrid driven powertrain has been developed as the first example for the production of cars with technology. Design has come a long way since the early days when designers had just used pen and paper. Today’s software supports designers, some of which also

Microsoft Trying to Improve Facial Recognition

Microsoft Corporation is adopting ethical practices for integrating artificial intelligence-based facial recognition technology in their devices. This helps to lower risks of partial outcomes and ensures the privacy to meet up the regulations imposed by the government. In December 2018, the company checked on the regulations that the government is looking to impose on facial recognition. Brad Smith, Microsoft’s President said that the company is trying to set an example

Now Secure the IoT devices with Open Source Software

Nowadays people are more fascinated toward smart devices that can track their habits and interact with them through an app. For this reason, internet of things (IoT) devices is facing more risks, as industries launch them unprepared. Moreover, every now and then they see new breaches in IoT products. However, since this technology is in trend, it looks like IoT is the future. Therefore, industries need to identify the problems

U.S. Cloud Giants benefiting from Europe's Cloud Market

According to a projection by research firm, for the next three years, the Europe cloud market could rise by sizeable share annually. The revenues are rising with more promising pace in Europe than other regions such as the U.S., which has giant cloud solutions providers. According to experts, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for adoption in Europe has also expanded apace. Technology Adaptation is not a European Thing Saving

Advances in Phononic Devices pave way to Next-Gen Communication Tech

Have you ever thought about a microscopic component that can pave way to next-generation phononic devices, quantum computing, and sensors? Yes, scientists of this generation have helped conceptualize it. A research group from Caltech, U.S., developed a unique component for mobile devices known as phononic devices. This device can move 10 million times per second back and forth, and is able to vibrate extremely fast. Today, mobile devices use an

Is Apple losing its share in Chinese market?

New low-price and similarly configured devices have decreased the share of the market for Apple Inc.’s iPhones in one of the world’s biggest Chinese smartphone market. On 2019, January 02, Wednesday after almost two decades, after the company cut its quarterly revenue forecasts, it produced a report on declining sales of iPhone in China. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc., addressed the fall in share market in a letter

AI Powered Home Solution Market: Rise In Adoption of Smart Appliances, Development In Internet of Things

Artificial Intelligence (AI) involves the creation of intelligent machines that react and work like humans. It helps machines to learn from practice, fine-tune to new input, and thereby, perform human-like tasks. An AI powered home solution combines various sensor interfaces including facial or voice recognition, context-based suggestion, and responsive notifications in order to streamline and simplify decision making. As per the Cisco Visual Networking (VNI) Index study: Forecast and Trends,

Machine learning paces up Atomistic Simulations of Ice and Water

A collaborative study between researchers at the University of Vienna and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne at the University of Göttingen has revealed answers for questions pertaining to water. The questions are related to water being densest at 4 degree Celsius, reason for ice to float, reason for heavy water having a different melting point than normal water, and so on. The findings for these questions have been published in