Google proclaims AI can Combat Online Child Sexual Abuse

It is said that, every coin has two sides, so does the internet. The number of internet crimes is increasing by the day. Using the internet to exploit children is one of the most disgusting abuses. Child sexual abuse is escalating to no limits whether it is blackmailing or performing sexual acts over the webcam. According to a recent announcement earlier this week, the U.S. technology giant Google is employing

Digital India Taking a Step Higher with Artificial Intelligence Implication

Machines have overtaken man in every aspect of life. From autonomous cars to robots, this is the time of artificial intelligence. Countries such as the United States, Canada, Europe, and China have already begun witnessing the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence (AI). India is not far behind. Due to the presence of multi-billion dollar global software product companies, IT companies with their research and development bases in India have focused

Amazon hiring Scores of Engineers to boost its Cryptographic Security

In order to save the world from another online security disaster like that of Heartbleed of the previous year, Amazon Web Services has released a cryptographic security module to secure utmost important information over the internet. Cryptography is basically used to code information of utmost importance. One of the biggest advancements in enterprise technology is growing cloud services with on-demand access to IT services. With technological advancements there has been

India tested its first Biojet Fuel Flight of 43 Minutes under SpiceJet

Spice Jet, the air taxi service that started in 1994, is in news again as it became the first bio-fuel powered flight in India, marking a new chapter in the domestic aviation industry. The 45 minute Dehradun-Delhi flight landed at 1150 hour. The flight partially powered by bio jet fuel was made possible by Q400.This bio jet fuel was made from jatropha plant. India operated its first ever bio jet

Google’s Plan to enter China with Censored Terms concerns Employees

Google is exploring options to launch its search engine app in China within the next 6–9 months, as revealed by its CEO in an organization-wide business meeting on August 16, 2018. The Chinese Government however puts forth the condition of implementing a ban on certain websites, leading to disagreements before as well. This idea of collaboration was put on hold before. Google withdrew from China because the regional norms put

Remote Sensing Techniques for Detection of Village Without Electricity

Researchers from the Reiner Lemoine Institute, Berlin have successfully used remote sensing techniques for detection of a sample of Zambian village without electricity. Their study is published in Springer’s Proceedings in Energy book series, suggests that this technique can make an impact in the developing parts of the world. The regions from Sub-Saharan Africa still has limited access to energy resources despite a lot of improvements that took place from

India’s New Policy Want to Store Data Locally for Data Safety

A panel working with the cloud computing policy and department of Indian government wants data that is generated in India to be stored in India. A draft that has seen by Reuters, suggests that could deal with the global technology giants including Amazon and Microsoft. This might increase their cost as these companies will need some data storage centers in India. The cost of power is substantially high in the

An Origami-based Insect-inspired Drone Collapses upon High Impact

Inspired by origami – the traditional Japanese practice – robotics experts have developed the light, innovative drones, and robots. Two type of origami-inspired structures is emerged such as rigid and flexible. Rigid structures are able to bear the weight and flexible structures are not able to bear that much. EPFL scientist are just applying their recent observations and developed an origami drone, they developed drones based on the circumstances. In

Facebook’s Interests in Robotics to Offer Next Big Thing

Facebook announced that they are hiring top academics in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. They have hired a well-known roboticist who worked at Disney for moving the animated figures in human ways. It’s not tough to guess why the social media giant has hired the roboticist as it uses the arm of robotics in their data center. Creation of systems that require fewer data using common sense

Microsoft Urges US Congress to Regulate Facial Recognition Technology

Various tech companies are harnessing the facial recognition technology to turn time consuming work into quick executions in various fields. However, Microsoft’s chief legal officer, Brad Smith, entreating the government that facial recognition technology should be regulated by them and govern laws that are acceptable in usage. Microsoft, being the first company to raise significant attention about this technology, is considering the potential abuse and societal implication and states that