Robots to Provide Daily Physical Assistance to Dress Elderly, Sick, Injured People

At the Georgia Institute of Technology, a robot is said to slide hospital gowns successfully onto people’s arms after it taught itself using simulated instances. The machine, a PR2, depends on the forces it feels, instead of using its eyes, to guide the gowns onto a person’s arm and shoulder. Almost 11,000 simulated instances were analyzed by the PR2 to teach itself how to dress people in just one day.

Thermoacoustic Can Radically Occur in Solids, find Researchers

Leaky systems have restricted engineers in terms of designing thermal casting devices which majorly rely on interplay between sound waves and temperature oscillations. However, researchers at Purdue and the University of Notre Dame have recently shown for the first time in history that thermoacoustic could to radically occur not only in liquids but in solids as well. This technology is expected to particularly be useful in harsh environments in outer

Financial Institutions Stand to Benefit from Experimenting with Blockchain Technology

Blockchain, which is behind the success of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin has the potential to disrupt the global finance sector, as per expose. While banks may try to reduce their cost, it is a customer who will benefit from cheaper and quicker services. Every new technology results in a situation where some stand to lose and others stand to win and blockchain is no different. Blockchain technology can result

Boon for Big Data: Researchers Develop HyperTools to Visualize Dataset

Come to think of it visually, every collection of data represents a fundamental shape or geometry. However, those structures can be radically complicated. To simplify this requirement to understand a dataset better, researchers at the Dartmouth College have developed an open-source software program called HyperTools. Leveraging mathematical technologies to formulate intuitions regarding the dimensions of a dataset, HyperTools has shown the capability to create geometric structures that they are reflecting.

Don’t be Lulled by Gmail’s Confidential Feature, Warn Privacy Experts

When rolling out major updates of Gmail, Google is announced that it will soon add a new feature called confidential mode which promises to give users a higher level of control over who can see their emails when they send it and for how long. Privacy experts have warned that users should always be mindful about the content they are sending over email and that messages sent even in the

Memristors: Key to Prevent Damage by Cyber Criminals

Just like with everything, there are pros and cons of the internet of things as well. While it makes the lives of people extremely convenient and even streamlined, but the risk posed by it is a huge concern. The wirelessly connected devices, gadgets, and appliances pose cybersecurity risk which can result in much damage as cyber criminals can manipulate and control nodes in a network and the destruction potential is