Researchers at France Develop Aerial Robot which can Change its Profile During Flight

After being inspired from Birds, researchers have designed an aerial robot which is capable of changing its profile during flight. This is especially helpful since it can rearrange its arms which are equipped with propellers to reduce its wingspan and navigate through tight spaces. New generation robots can move across narrow path and this makes them perfect for exploration as well as search and rescue missions. This new development is

SDVs to be Four Times Safer than HDVs, Reveals Study

Companies are ferociously embroiled in the race to come first in rolling out their automated driverless cars on the road; however, the recent accidents that involved autonomous vehicles manufactured by Tesla Inc. and Uber Technology Inc. have resulted in consumers begun to question that whether these automobiles actually can ease out traffic issues and enhance safety. According to a new research study, published in Risk Analysis, analyze the most important

LG Finds Solution to Heal Motion Sickness in VR Users with New Technology

New breakthrough in VR technology has been developed by LG Display to help avoid motion sickness symptoms such as headache and dizziness by cutting short the delay between images shown on the screen and movement of users. The solution is said to offer higher-resolution images after converting low-resolution content, thus substantially reducing the aforementioned delay. The company developed this solution during a joint research with Sogang University. One of the

Amazing Xiaolce: Microsoft’s Chatbot Capable of Full Duplex Conversations

Microsoft has been recently testing it’s artificial intelligence bot in China for some time called Xiaolce. Xiaolce, a social chat bot is designed for having longer conversations with users. It has the Sweet & youthful voice and sounds good enough to be from a good friend which not only listens but all to react. Microsoft has even allowed this chatbot to call people on their telephones. The speciality about this

A start-up Like No Other: Zapata Computing to Develop Quantum Computing Software

Zapata Computing launched itself as a startup the motto of selling and creating software for quantum computers and have been lucky enough to have already received 5.4 million dollars from MIT is the engine Venture form and several others. The theme of Zapata has said that there has been so much focus on quantum computer development but all the focus has been directed to hardware. However this team add Zapata

Robot Skin Helps Robots to Express Emotions with Spikes and Goosebumps

Cornell University researchers have started to explore an unusual means of communicating with robots, i.e. adding tactile sensation. In this regard, depending on its mood, a robot has been enabled to produce spikes or goosebumps on its robot skin created by the research team. Efforts of the researchers at the 2018 International Conference on Soft Robotics have been presented in a paper. Previously, human-like emotional expressions were given to robots

Robots to Provide Daily Physical Assistance to Dress Elderly, Sick, Injured People

At the Georgia Institute of Technology, a robot is said to slide hospital gowns successfully onto people’s arms after it taught itself using simulated instances. The machine, a PR2, depends on the forces it feels, instead of using its eyes, to guide the gowns onto a person’s arm and shoulder. Almost 11,000 simulated instances were analyzed by the PR2 to teach itself how to dress people in just one day.

Thermoacoustic Can Radically Occur in Solids, find Researchers

Leaky systems have restricted engineers in terms of designing thermal casting devices which majorly rely on interplay between sound waves and temperature oscillations. However, researchers at Purdue and the University of Notre Dame have recently shown for the first time in history that thermoacoustic could to radically occur not only in liquids but in solids as well. This technology is expected to particularly be useful in harsh environments in outer

Financial Institutions Stand to Benefit from Experimenting with Blockchain Technology

Blockchain, which is behind the success of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin has the potential to disrupt the global finance sector, as per expose. While banks may try to reduce their cost, it is a customer who will benefit from cheaper and quicker services. Every new technology results in a situation where some stand to lose and others stand to win and blockchain is no different. Blockchain technology can result

Boon for Big Data: Researchers Develop HyperTools to Visualize Dataset

Come to think of it visually, every collection of data represents a fundamental shape or geometry. However, those structures can be radically complicated. To simplify this requirement to understand a dataset better, researchers at the Dartmouth College have developed an open-source software program called HyperTools. Leveraging mathematical technologies to formulate intuitions regarding the dimensions of a dataset, HyperTools has shown the capability to create geometric structures that they are reflecting.