Chilltainers Market By Merchandise, Payment Method, & Companies Analysis

C In markets such as Chile, New Zealand where distance to market from the production facility is large for perishables, producers demand for sustainable low cost packaging solutions. Chilltainers are corrugated or paperboard boxes laminated with metallized polyester. Chilltainers are patented and proven packaging products in Scandinavian countries, Australia and New Zealand, Canada/US and Chile. Prior to chilltainers, producers of perishables and medicines were using polystyrene/EPS boxes or bags. Polystyrene/EPS boxes are bulky, costly and consume lot of shipping space compared to Chilltainers.

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Manufacturers of chilltainers are majorly located in Denmark, Australia & New Zealand, Canada, Norway and others. Chilltainers are lightweight, efficient in keeping the constant temperature and low cost. These aforementioned features of chilltainers are making them a top preference of perishables and pharmaceutical producers. As the Chilltainer is a patented product, it is facing slow growth due to reluctance to adapt and lack of product availability. It is anticipated that the market will grow moderately in next decade.

Chilltainers: Market Dynamics

Chilltainers are replacing polyester/EPS boxes worldwide. This trend can be highly visible in Australasia, Canada and Scandinavia. Chilltainers are 85% to 95% recyclable, which makes them environment friendly packaging. Chilltainers don’t cost environment, so they are the best replacement for polystyrene/EPS boxes. Chilltainers are durable and space efficient. Chilltainers can stand long in adverse weather conditions. Corrugated box acts as a conductor for air circulation and metallized polyester lamination acts as a reflector of heat, which helps to store the perishables and pharmaceuticals for more than two to three weeks in cold chain transportation. Chilltainers are cheaper compared to other substitute products e.g. plastic bins, insulated boxes, containers, bags etc.

The economic and environmental cost of polystyrene/EPS boxes is huge compared to chilltainers. Households, producers, distributors and retailers are demanding a sophisticated and cost efficient solution for packaging and transport of perishables and pharmaceuticals. Chilltainers can save the shipping space, reduce the overall cost up to 50%, no breakages or leakages in transit and high degree of branding & printability is possible. Growing intolerance towards plastic is driving the chilltainers market. Increasing cross border migration, e-Commerce industry growth, increasing cross border shopping to drive the growth in demand for chilltainers market globally. Overall, the global chilltainers market is expected to expand at a lucrative CAGR during the forecast period.

Chilltainers market has been segmented on the basis of region into North America, Latin America Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ), Middle East & Africa (MEA), and Japan.  North America is expected to dominate the global chilltainers market, followed by Western Europe region. Asia Pacific Excluding Japan is expected to expand at a highest CAGR during the forecast period. Growing middle class, changing lifestyle and increasing disposable income levels are expected to drive the Asia Pacific excluding Japan chilltainers market.

Chilltainers Market: Key players

Some of the players associated with the global Chilltainers market are Orora Packaging Australia Pty Ltd., Charta Packaging Limited, Abbe Corrugated Pty. Ltd., BillerudKorsnas AB, Vpk Packaging Group and others.

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