Circulatory Support Devices are used to overcome the condition of shock or hypotension. These are also required to prevent conditions in patients who are at a risk of organ failure. A shock is nothing but an acute circulatory failure with insufficient or inaptly distributed tissue perfusion that results in comprehensive cellular hypoxia. It is a life-threatening medical emergency. A mechanical assistance is required for patients with advanced heart or pulmonary failure in order to keep their heart pumping enough blood. To fulfill this requirement, circulatory support devices are being used to complement or swap the action of the failing heart or lungs. It can be used either on a temporary basis or need to be integrated permanently inside the organ. Intensive care unit or high dependency areas are the best providers of such kind of circulatory support to patients in need.

Increased incidence of congestive heart failure and heart attacks are being recorded each year in developed countries due to changing lifestyles and related diseases such as diabetes and thyroid disorders. Hence, the mortality rate among the affected individuals is increasing. Coronary heart disease and high blood pressure are other heart-related problems growing at a faster pace. Increasing prevalence of congestive heart failure is one of the major drivers of the global circulatory support devices market. Rise in number of patients suffering from congestive heart failure is driving the hospitalization rate and burden on society in terms of total expenditure across the globe. Most of these people belong to the age group of 65 and above. Patients with class III, IV, and stage C, D of congestive heart failure disorders are highly recommended to use circulatory support devices, which in return propels demand for these products.

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Key players in the global circulatory support devices market are St. Jude Medical, Medtronic, ABIOMED, Reliant Heart, and Berlin Heart. Other prominent companies in the market include CorWave, CardiacAssist, Evaheart, Leviticus Cardio, Jarvik Heart, and Ventracor.