Collagen Peptide and Gelatin Market is Expected to Touch a Valuation of US$ 11,156.1 Mn in 2025

Collagen acts as a building block of the body and is an important constituent in proteins

Collagen is a vital building block of the body and it constitutes nearly 30 percent of the total protein content in our body. Collagen is a kind of structural protein which enables the elasticity, cohesion and renewal of the connective tissues of our body, which includes the skin, ligaments, tendons, bones and cartilage. Basically, collagen is sturdy and supple in nature and is a kind of glue that holds our body together. Collagen aids in strengthening the different body structures and also helps in protecting the structure of the skin. Various kinds of collagen are found in the body, however, 80-90 percent of it belongs to the type I, II or III, with a major part of it being the type I collagen. The fibrils in this type of collagen possess high amount of tensile strength. Due to this property, such type of collagen can be elongated, without being fragmented. There are various type of cells present in the tissues of the body that are accountable for the making of collagen. Such type of cells present in the body tissues are accountable for the synthesis of collagen. The amino acids and peptides form a helical structure which is strong in nature. These helical structures are then arranged into the robust fibers that give structural support to the tissues, and also provide suppleness and the property to bear strong forces.

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Market dynamics operating in the global collagen peptide and gelatin market

The global collagen peptide and gelatin market is receiving a huge boost due to the fact that health concerns amongst the general population of the world is increasing. In addition, owing to this, there is an increasing consumption of dietary supplements and there is a rising utilization of collagen in food and beverage sector. Also, consumers are inclined in consuming a healthy and a protein rich food and there are rising uses of collagen peptides in different kinds of cosmetics, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, which are driving the global collagen peptide and gelatin market. Moreover, with the rapid expansion of the worldwide food processing industry and the rise in the various diseases due to a sedentary lifestyle have the led the consumers to opt for buying nutraceuticals and nutritious food. Such type of foods and supplements avert diseases that occur due to old age. In addition, collagen is also used for healing of the wounds and this is a key trend in the global collagen peptide and gelatin market since the number of people suffering from obesity and geriatric population is increasing in the world.

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However, concerns regarding the safety of collagen peptides and gelatin and emergence of novel alternatives like altered starch gels and pectin gels among others coupled with religious constraints are the factors that are likely to restrain the growth of the global collagen peptide and gelatin market. However, increasing investments in research and developments to make plant based gelatin and collagen and the growing list of manufacturers are likely to spring up various opportunities in the coming timeframe.

The global collagen peptide and gelatin market was valued at US$ 5,452.2 Mn in 2017 and is anticipated to reach a valuation of US$ 11,156.1 Mn in 2025, displaying a CAGR of 9.4% during the period of assessment 2017-2025. The type I collagen dominated the global collagen peptide and gelatin market. Increasing health concerns amongst the consumers and their inclination towards personal care and led to a rise in the consumption of nutraceuticals and cosmecueticals. Due to a high demand for such type of products, the demand for collagen peptide and gelatin has increased as collagen is the major ingredients for such type of products as collagen possesses anti-aging properties.

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