Consumer Telematics Market – Provides Veritable Information on Industry Indicators, Size, Growth Trends and Competitive Outlook

Global Consumer Telematics Market: Overview

The global market for consumer telematics has propelled at a promising pace in the past few years. The increased penetration of smart phones, increased demand for advanced infotainment systems in commercial and personal vehicles, availability of high-speed internet connectivity across the globe, and the increased demand for connectivity in vehicles for an improve driving experience are all contributing towards the positive development of the market. In certain countries, usage of vehicle tracking and security systems has become mandatory in all varieties of vehicles. Such legislations are also increasingly covering the automotive industry in other countries and other consumer product industries across the globe. As a result, the uptake of consumer telematics systems is expected to expand at a highly promising pace in the next few years.

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The report presents a comprehensive assessment of the various aspects of the global consumer telematics market. It does so with the help of thorough qualitative as well as quantitative insights regarding the market, historical data pertaining to market valuation and trends, and verifiable projections regarding the growth prospects of the market over the period between 2016 and 2024. The projections about the market and its various segments featured in the report have been derived with the help of industry-best research methodologies and assumptions. With the vast data, the report serves as a detailed repository of essential analysis and data concerning all important facets of the global consumer telematics market, including but not limited to: applications, types, technology, and regional markets.

Telematics is the subdivision of Information technology that consolidates computers and wireless telecommunication technologies with a focused goal of efficiently conveying information over a vast and complicated network in order to improve business function or government related public service. However, presently the term has evolved to refer to the automobile systems that combines GPS tracking and other wireless communication for automatic roadside assistance and remote diagnostics. The telematics industry is not limited to automotive application. Other major application are being researched and developed for monitoring water, air pollution and healthcare, medical informatics and for distance learning. Consumer telematics involves a degree of human interaction and are used to provide rapid information access. Consumer telematics are end-user targeted, vehicle-centric ICT and services.

In recent times telematics has brought auto manufacturer and insurance companies into alliance, with both the industry realizing the importance and potential of telematics Automakers found benefits in using telematics as it helps them to maintain the strong trust of the customer in terms of fuel efficiency and safety. On the other hand telematics allow the insurance company to appropriately consider individual driving behavior, that include recording the speed pattern,  distance travelled and type of road taken as well as monitoring the brakes that the driver apply therefore evaluating the whole driving style. The robust monitoring, therefore help the insurance company to accurately customize pricing for car insurance.

Apart from Insurance and automobile industry, consumer telematics has found its application across various industries including healthcare, media & entertainment, government agencies and vehicle dealers

The market is driven by the significant penetration of smart phones, growing demand for superior driving experience, lowered connectivity cost, high speed internet technologies and supportive government regulation. For instance in certain regions such as Brazil and China, the government legislation makes it mandatory for everyone to adopt telematics in vehicles, given the rising concern related to vehicle tracking and safety and security therefore driving the demand for consumer telematics solution in these regions. Growing demand for big data analytics and related services is also an important factor influencing the growth of the market. Moreover, proliferation of cloud-based services in order to deliver personalized experience to the end-user is also expected to positively impact the market’s demand. However increasing hacking activity, high-cost of consumer telematics equipment and poor internet connectivity in developing economies is expected to pose restraints in the growth of the market. The consumer telematics arena has subtly changed the nature of various industry altogether. Car servicing and big data enabled by telematics had enhanced customer service offerings. Telematics is expected to play a key role in the future of connected cars market as it will help automotive manufacturer to generate revenue during the lifetime of the vehicle rather than just at the time of sale.

The market may be segmented into services offered and solution provided. The solution might include insurance telematics, Infotainment and navigation and location based solution, vehicle to vehicle (V2V) solution that may include wireless vehicle safety communication, emergency warning system for vehicles and vehicle tracking. The services might include consulting, maintenance, integration, deployment and training services.

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Key players in this market are AT&T, TomTom NV, Verizon communication, Vodafone Group PLC, Harman International, Telefonica, S.A., Ford Motors Co., Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, MiX Telematics and Trimble Inc.

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