Content Discovery Solutions Market – Growing Adoption Of Social Media Platforms As Marketing Tools

Evolution of the internet and rise of new platforms including social media has transformed the scale of content on media platforms. With the growing content on media platforms it has transformed traditional content search & process as rising content on websites has introduced advanced solutions & tools to manage overload content. Content discovery solutions helps to manage overload of content (data) on the websites. Content discovery solutions help to analyze large, structured, and unstructured data to detect and predict relationships, patterns, and irregularities. The solution also provides content search, discovery, and monitoring for applications such as advertising, legal, and campaign management.

The global content discovery solutions market is expanding at a rapid pace. Demand for advanced content tools is on the rise among organizations as it manages the traffic flow and overload of content and uploading content on proper platforms. Content discovery solutions are another technological development that has changed & influenced social media platforms. With increasing content on sites, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are supporting content discovery solutions to search content by hashtags to understand trending content on the platforms. Globally, many organizations publish a huge quantum of information and it is necessary to manage the content flow on the websites to deliver right content to the users. The content published on websites are from any platform such as Entertainment content (music, video, etc), news, government’s blogs, private/public organizations information, universities & research institutions. Further, increasing viral videos and images on social media platforms has increased adoption of content discovery solutions. Moreover, some of the countries such as Japan and India, government are taking initiative to deploy digital marketing concept to promote products & services, this concept would drive the market growth in coming years.

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Growing adoption of social media platforms as marketing tools is anticipated to drive the content discovery solutions market in the coming years. Social media platforms is recognized as best advertising platform, it provides platform for organizations upload information and for digital marketing purpose. Increasing implementation of digital marketing in organizations is expected to support the growth of the content discovery solutions market. Further, increasing adoption of mobile devices globally would lead to increased content on the platform, which would create opportunity for the content discovery solutions market. In enterprises, concern about the security of content is expected to restrain the growth of the content discovery solutions market.

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