Converged Infrastructure Market – Healthcare Industry is Anticipated to Exhibit a Stunning Growth

A converged infrastructure gives IT, a suite of best infrastructure components from several vendors in one hardware stack. Thus, the various companies have to work with one vendor than multiple vendors in order to delivery single solution that constitute storage, servers, networking and software capabilities.

Private clouds based on a converged infrastructure provide economies of scale, and necessary security for the protection of business-critical applications as well as data. Moreover, the converged infrastructure platform influences virtualization for providing private-cloud computing solutions to end-users effectively and quickly.

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With the help of converged infrastructure, the organizations can access a single platform that contains all the resources which deliver scalability, flexibility and collaboration system. In addition, various data center enterprises across various regions especially in U.S, Germany, U.K and China among others are witnessing significant growth due to the rising spending on IT infrastructure development in coming years.

Additionally, the specific design of a converged infrastructure solution should make it easy to scale a virtualization environment to support all critical workload applications. Thus, the global converged infrastructure market is expected for a steady growth rate during the projection period of 2017 to 2025.

The end users in the global converged infrastructure market are industries such as BFSI, telecommunication and IT, manufacturing, healthcare and others. Of these, the telecommunication and IT held the largest market share in 2016, followed by the manufacturing segment. The report anticipates that the telecommunications and IT segment will account for a share of 34.2% in the global market by the end of 2025.

Telecommunication and IT segment transfers an enormous quantity of data and needs high storage volume which further rises the requirement of converged infrastructure systems in their systems. This industry has been facing transformation from recent years with more demand for sophisticated and customized storage services.

Furthermore, the healthcare industry is also anticipated to exhibit a stunning growth rate in the global converged infrastructure market. Thus, it has been identified as the prime sector in triggering the growth prospect of converged infrastructure market globally. This growth will be supported by the penetration of automated products and electronics in healthcare industry, which need proper IT infrastructure for linear operation of healthcare industry.

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Additionally, ease of operation and minimum operating cost of maintenance are the primary factors behind this segment’s huge demand. On the flip side, increase in price based competition is expected to negatively influence the growth of global converged infrastructure market.

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