Corrosion Protection Tapes Market – Latest Trends and Key Drivers Supporting Growth through 2028

Protection from rust is one of the most common problem faced for metal components. One such type of tapes are corrosion protection tapes which are used for stopping the process of galvanic corrosion when two metals with different electrode potentials comes in contact with each other for long time. Corrosion protection tapes can be used for various metals such as iron, copper, brass, chrome, bronze, tin, etc. which gets rusted when in contact with air for longer time. In addition, corrosion protection tapes also have the advantage of withstanding heat and cold temperature for a longer time. Some of the corrosion protection tapes can tolerate high temperature up to 80°C and with low temperature as low as 0°C.

Global Corrosion Protection Tapes Market – Key players:

Following are the key players for corrosion protection tapes market are being segmented based on tier1, tier2 and China based categories.

Tier 1 players for corrosion protection tapes market:  3M Company, Nitto Denko Corp, Shurtape Technologies, LLC, Scapa Group plc, Berry Plastics CPG, Innovative Manufacturing Inc.,

  • 3M Company – 3M Company is one of the largest manufacturer of corrosion protection tapes in the world. The company manufacturers 3 types of corrosion protection tapes based on the sizes and thickness. Company mainly uses polyvinyl chloride as the backing material and uses rubber resin as adhesive material.
  • Scapa Group plc – The Company manufactures heavy duty PVC corrosion protection tapes with 0.25mm thickness. The product is available mainly in Asia, Europe and North America.
  • Nitto Denko Corp – Company manufactures two types of corrosion protection tapes with PVC and petrolatum backing material.
  • Shurtape Technologies, LLC – Company manufacturers PVC corrosion protection tapes with rubber based adhesive. These types of tapes have good UV resistance.

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Tier 2 players for corrosion protection tapes market: Hinni Trachet SA, DEHN + SÖHNE GmbH + Co. KG., PSI Products GmbH, Heskins Ltd, Coroplast Fritz Müller GmbH & Co. KG, Sam Hwan Anti-corrosion Industrial Co.,

China based players for corrosion protection tapes market are as follows: Jining Xunda Pipe Coating Materials CO.,Ltd.,  NingBo Ideal Anti corrosion Material Co.,Ltd., Quanmin Plastic Co.,Ltd., Dasheng Heat Shrinkable Material Co., Ltd.,

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