Corrugated Fitments Market Growth, Consumption, Analysis of Leading Players

The corrugated fitments provide protective packaging solution that ensure fragile or vulnerable products remain free from damage by keeping them fix inside the outer case. The corrugated fitments are used as an addition to the existing cases to create extra stability for the product. In addition, corrugated fitments are used for optimal protection as they are designed in conjunction with the outer box to ensure that the final packaging of the product meets the requirement of the product. The corrugated fitments are mainly made from solid board or cardboard to fit for purpose.

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The outer coating and surface treatment of the corrugated fitments are done with material finish of white, brown or poly coat. There are number of factors that are considered while making corrugated fitments such as bending, buckling, compression, collapse among others to make it suitable for loads of up to 1000kg. This corrugated fitments are also used for online retail companies in A, B, C, E and F flute type owing to the fact that it provides protective packaging.  Therefore, the outlook for the growth of the global corrugated fitments market is expected to be largely positive during the forecast period.

Global Corrugated Fitments Market: Dynamics

The global corrugated fitments is anticipated to grow on the backdrop of the global sustainable packaging market growth, during the next ten years, and beyond. Corrugated fitments are manufactured using a variety of materials to suit various applications and markets. In addition, manufacturers of corrugated fitments also offer custom services. Corrugated fitments are 100% recyclable and are made from renewable sources which makes it environment friendly and eliminates the need of plastic or polystyrene protective packaging.  Some of the key trends observed in the market are flexibility to protect multiple products of different shapes in the same outer pack and reduction in transit damage as the main product is fixed in place during the transit.

Reduction in administration as fittings and outer case can be sourced from one supplier is also one of the major factor that is expected to fuel the corrugated fitments market during the forecast period. In spite of the positive outlook for growth, there are definite factors, that are expected to hamper the growth of the global corrugated fitments market during the forecast period. For corrugated fitments to witness higher demand, more consumers need to be made aware regarding the advantages of corrugated packaging.

The North America Corrugated Fitments packaging market is expected to retain the leading position over the forecast period. This is attributed to a large eco-conscious consumer base in the region. The Western European region is also expected to witness sizeable demand for corrugated fitments, as manufacturers look to make the move from conventional to sustainable and corrugated packaging. Growth in the APeJ region is anticipated to be gradual, during the next ten years, with India and China emerging as the hub for corrugated packaging solutions growth. The Latin America retail industry is still on the path to recovery from the effects of the recession of 2015. However, post-2020, the retail sector in the region is expected to gain momentum, resulting in more sales of packaged products with corrugated fitments.

Global Corrugated Fitments market: Key Market Participants

Few of the key market participants operating in the global corrugated fitments market are – Smurfit Kappa, Haviland Drainage Products, Helios Packaging among others.

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