Cylindrical Roller Bearings Market: Clear Understanding of The Competitive Landscape and Key Product Segments

Cylindrical Roller Bearings Market: Introduction

Cylindrical roller bearings are bearings where cylinders are the rolling components unlike balls used in ball bearings. The cylindrical rollers have more linear area of contact with the ring on the outer side facilitating better load distribution across the surface, making cylindrical roller bearings a preferred choice in applications where high speeds and loads are involved. They run in cylindrical raceways and have good radial capacity. There are two broad categories of cylindrical roller bearings, namely, separable inner ring non-locating type and self-contained two direction locating type.

They are used in conveyor belt rollers where heavy loads are involved. There are many sizes and designs of cylindrical roller bearings. There are different types of bearings available such as single row bearings (with cage), multi row bearings, double row full complement bearings, high capacity bearings and split cylinder roller bearings. The bearings with cage can manage heavy loads, high speeds and rapid accelerations.

Double row full complement bearings are a good choice for applications where medium speeds and heavy radial loads are involved, as they comprise maximum quantity of rollers. They are used in a wide range of applications such as petroleum production, mining, power generation, cement processing, power transmission, metal recycling and aggregate crushing. They are deployed in briquetting machines rolling mills, rubber mixing equipment, rotary dryers and in machines that are used in paper processing, in construction equipment, fans, blowers, gears, plastic machinery, electric motors and traction motors and in pumps.

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Cylindrical Roller Bearings Market: Growth Drivers

The cylindrical roller bearings have higher load bearing capacity as compared to ball bearings and are very suited for strenuous duties. They are a preferred choice where higher speeds are concerned, along with high loads and if there is prevalence of axial displacement. They have a detachable design feature. This gives an advantage of placing the outer and the inner ring separately. They are rigid in contrary to radial motion and have low friction coefficient. Additional advantages such as improvised axial load bearing capacity, reduced maintenance and optimised running are increasing the adoption of the cylindrical roller bearings. These are widely used in the automotive sector and the aerospace industry owing to their suitability for applications that run in these industries.

Additionally they are also personal favourites of designers in other industries such as agricultural machinery and equipment, constructions and the metal industry. There are other features which impact the acceptance of the cylindrical roller bearings, namely, less heat generation, can manage light thrust movements and offer duel directional support for higher loads and regulate the energy consumption thereby reducing operational costs. Their designs have underwent many changes owing to technological innovations, the cylindrical roller used in these bearings is not a typical cylinder but its shape is crowned and end-relieved in order to lower the concentration of stress generated during the running operations. These advantages are driving the growth of the cylindrical roller bearings market.

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Cylindrical Roller Bearings Market: Growth Limiting Factors

The factors limiting the growth of the cylindrical roller bearings are related to the operational challenges faced by the bearings. There could be an occurrence of slippage between raceways and rollers in case the load on the bearings become very less during an in-process operation and can cause smearing. The pressed steel cages are inadequate when there is presence of high loads and shock. The maintenance cost is less however, the initial costs are high. These factors restrain the growth of the cylindrical roller bearings market.

Cylindrical Roller Bearings Market: Key Companies

The key companies in the spherical roller bearing market include Schaffler, SKF, Timken Company, JTEKT, NSK Ltd. and NTN Corporation. Other players are Aurora Bearing, AST Bearings LLC, FYH Bearing, Baltic Bearing Company and Precision Bearings Pvt. Ltd.

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