DDoS Prevention Products & Services Market – Competition Landscape with Covers Competition Matrix, Market Share Analysis of Major Players in 2018

Denial of service (DoS) attack is an intentional effort that affects the smooth functionality of web services. It is typically executed by inundating the intended network with excessive requests to overload the system and prevent authorized requests from accessing the network. Distributed DoS (DDoS) attack is a type of DoS attack in which the source of the attack is thousands of IP addresses. This is a malicious attempt to make a web application or a website unavailable to its intended users by overwhelming the application or the site with a huge amount of traffic, causing the application or the site to operate slowly or to crash. DDoS attacks are continuously evolving posing a challenge for users.

The perpetrators of these attacks use huge armies of automated computers that are infected with malware and are remotely operated to create DDoS attacks on large scales. It is challenging to stop the attacks by simply blocking a single IP address, considering the sea of incoming traffic from multiple sources targeting the websites. In such cases, it becomes very difficult to distinguish legitimate user traffic and the attackers. These attacks are often used as decoys to distract IT security teams from other similar attacks. DDoS attacks are launched by businesses, nation-states, and individuals each having their own motivation such as cyber vandalism, extortion, personal rivalry, business competition, and cyber warfare.

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In the current competitive scenario, availability of online services is of utmost importance. DDoS attacks have become more dynamic, innovative and consequential, thus affecting e-commerce activities. The growth of DDoS prevention products and services can be attributed to the increasing online businesses and e-commerce activities. Furthermore, increasing awareness about data security is another major factor to drive the DDoS prevention products and services. DDoS prevention products and services are witnessing high growth in the banking, retail, and manufacturing sectors. Mobile networks are easy to access and tamper, thus leading to increasing number of DDoS attacks. To counter these threats, enterprises are investing heavily in DDoS prevention solutions that is further fueling the growth of this market. The increasing number of application-layer attacks are also forcing companies to make new investments in DDoS prevention products and services. Large data centers and cloud services providers are highly visible targets owing to large amount of vital data hosted. The significant increase in the number of data centers across the world has further increased the need for advanced DDoS prevention solutions. However, the complex IT infrastructure and the high product costs of DDoS solutions are the major challenges hindering the growth of this market.

The DDoS prevention products & services market can be categorized in terms of services, solutions, and geography. On the basis of services, the market can be divided into hybrid services and cloud based services. Moreover, in terms of solutions, the market can be further segmented into on-premise and cloud solutions. Geographically, the market can be categorized into North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East and Africa.

The major players in the DDoS prevention products and solutions include Akamai Technologies, Inc., Arbor Networks, Inc., Verizon Communications, Inc., Corero Network Security, Inc., Fortinet, Inc., Neustar, Inc., Orange Business Services, RioRey, and Verisign, Inc.

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