Delaying Children’s Vaccine Becomes a Major Debate Among People

Delaying Children’s Vaccine Becomes a Major Debate Among People

Elyse Imamura and her husband decided to keep a gap between the vaccine administered to their son. Their main intention was to spread out the process of vaccination over a gradual pace, than the scheduled dates.

Elyse, 39, living in Torrance, California, was ready to vaccinate her child. However, they want to take it slow so that the body adapts to the temporary side effects. They did not want their son to face all the symptoms and side-effect at the same time.

Amaru, Elyse’s son is 7 years old now, and perfectly fit and healthy. He loves to play sports.
Nevertheless, the delay of vaccination is risky. Various child specialists prefer moderate approach for administering vaccination to kids, when compare to no vaccination at all. But the specialist also provides some hard advice to parents who are following it.

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?

Dr. Charles Golden, director at the Primary Care Network at Children’s Hospital of Orange County “One is always eligible for vaccination. As long as one does not get vaccinated the risk of attacks by the disease remains.

There are two main sides of this debate. One side, supported by science – promotes vaccinating children against 14 diseases. These vaccines are administered before the age of 2 years. The other side of the debate includes a vocal minority, known as anti-vaxxers. They skip the vaccine shots. These people believe that risk of vaccination is more than the risk of disease.

The fact that there are two sides of the debate, it becomes difficult to reach a conclusion. There is a quarter of parents believing in getting their kids vaccinated, but at some regular intervals. They are more concern about its impact on child’s health. The other set of parents let the vaccines forego entirely.

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