A device which can reflect the sound from the direction it came from rather than deflecting it at an angle has been developed by researchers from the North Carolina State University provide the device is called as retroreflector and it can reflect sound across an operating range 70° in either direction. This technology makes use of two engineered materials. The first layer focuses the sound waves which is in coming onto a second layer of a sound waves and inspired by a process used for optic research.

The existing technologies for creating retro reflective surfaces had been relying on pics which were rectangular and added across a material. The sound waves ricochet from side to the bottom of the rectangle before it bounces back in the direction from which it came. However, this approach results in a bulky design and also has a narrow range of animals which can reflect properly. But, this new technology developed by the researchers is effective as well as slim across a wide range of angles.

Experiments which make use of a prototype of this new technology is efficient. This is now a fully functional prototype. The next few steps included fine-tuning the technology so that it will be used for specific applications such as medical ultrasound.