Dialog to Focus on IoT after Signing $600 Mn Deal with Apple Inc.

Dialog to Focus on IoT after Signing $600 Mn Deal with Apple Inc.

Dialog Semiconductor, a U.K.-based manufacturer of semiconductors, announced their partnership with Apple in a recent report published by Reuters. This was majorly initiated as the giant player named Samsung Electronics ended their two year agreement with Dialog Semiconductors. The market share of Anglo-German chip increased by 9% owing to the successful partnership deal of $600 million with Apple. Apple in its iPhones has been using power management chips designed by its partner Under the current agreement, Apple will own some patents and a team of more than 300 engineers who have expertise in power-management chips of iPhones. Adding to this, Dialog Semiconductors said that they will explain the strategy to their investors in London.

The CEO of Dialog Semiconductors stated that the current agreement has resulted in strengthening the company’s long-term relationship and the value for shareholders. Furthermore, he said that the company is planning to build expertise in applications such as mixed-signal mobile power. This will lead to more focus on segments such as mobile, Internet of Things, computing and storage, and automotive.

Dialog to Buyback its Shares as the Revenue Generation has Surged after Partnering with Apple

Dialog’s revenue in the third quarter increased to $384 million this year, which was more than expected. In the fourth quarter, the company is upbeat. Analysts opine that this revenue generation is level-headed and the overall position of the company is way beyond expectations. With the increase in revenue, Dialog further said that it is planning to launch a buyback of its stock, which is worth 100-150 million euros in the coming years.

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