Diet has greater Role in Emotional Wellbeing of Women than Men

Diet has greater Role in Emotional Wellbeing of Women than Men

They say women are the epitome of love and care. Women are more vulnerable emotionally. They nurture those around them. A huge bowl of ice-cream and a favorite tagged movie late night after a bad day at work may be the ultimate solution for a woman. Men, on the other side do not wish to share their problems. Some take it to their ego, follow the “fight or flight” response, shout and bang doors expressing anger instead of sitting back and discussing their stress with a trusted person and finding the solution.

Debates on “men being better than women and vice versa” never end well. Emotional and mental wellbeing seemed to be more important personality traits in women than men. Having said that, women need a more nutrient-rich diet for their emotional as well as mental well-being. According to a new survey from Binghamton University, it was found that men may only experience mental well-being until nutritional deficiencies arise. However, until women follow a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, they can’t attain mental well-being.

Women more likely to suffer from Depression compared to Men

A survey of 563 respondents with 48% of them being men and the rest women was conducted to investigate the impact of nutritional deficiencies related to emotional wellbeing. According to the research team, women are twice more prone to be diagnosed with depression and anxiety and suffer longer phases of recovery as compared to men. There is less information with regard to the role of dietary patterns regarding gender-specific psychological well-being. The functional and anatomical differences in brain of both women and men require awareness about brain diseases.

Both male and female have different physical and emotional responsibilities that necessitate separate energy requirements and food preferences. Thus, different food and energy intake based on gender preferences may explain the different connectivity levels between the males and the females. The normal functioning of the brain gets disturbed when our consumed diet does not provide the essential nutrients the brain. Thus nutrient-rich diet is vital for the cognitive evolution of human race.

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