How about Digital Darwinism for the Hotel Industry?

How about Digital Darwinism for the Hotel Industry?

A yet to be published report by Sabre and Altimeter Group says thanks to digital Darwinism, hospitality brands are now as good as technology-leveraged Uber, Dollar Shave Club, and Tinder. Digital Darwinism refers to connected consumerism and impacts of new technologies and services in reshaping market contours.

Digital Darwinism is something that is expected to support a clutch of initiatives by Sabre which will likely constitute a platform approach towards hotel technology.

Brian Solis who is the principal analyst of Altimeter’s adds that digital Darwinism will serve those companies that are making an effort to comprehend the human and technological dynamics of their markets. This is because guests these days expect the same kind of experience that they get from Airbnb Uber, and HotelTonight that are backed heavily by technology.

Points to Ponder by Hotels

He adds that there are a number of crucial points that hotels need to factor in in trying to figure out their digital and distribution strategy.

First, they need to focus of drawing more guests and retaining them by preparing a digital transformation roadmap.

Second, they need to keep a tab on the noteworthy moments in the journey of a guest, which also include the important transactional moments and touchpoints. They also need to analyze the data and input pertaining to the guest’s journey, which include their behavior with respect to other brands.

Solis urges hotels to emphasize more on the customer and blur the lines between digital and physical.

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