Drones Pave Way for Better Understanding of Natural World


Drones have made an entry in almost every aspect of human life. Today, they are entirely changing the way the scientific community monitors, measures, and observes the surrounding natural environment. From accurately measuring the size of jellyfish to the mapping of pattern of wildfires, drones can do it all. Drones come with the capability of bettering our comprehension of natural environment.

Despite going by various names, like unmanned aerial vehicles or remotely piloted aircraft systems, drones have successfully convinced the scientific community about its usefulness. The community has unanimously agreed about its potential to help us better understand the natural world.

 Researchers Explore Novel Applications for Drones

Massive commercial investments and technological advancements in drones made over the last decade. The investment could amount more than US$ 40 billion by 2024. Rapid growth of the commercial drone market is an indication toward safer, smarter, faster, and smaller drones. With time and investment, drones are also finding easier to fly.

 The Integrated Remote Sensing Studio (IRSS), Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia, is pioneering research on exploring new uses for drones. The IRSS has revealed that data from drones can mean more than just the bright pictures. So far their work comprises mapping of forest fire patterns, bettering methods of forest inventor, and forest regeneration. It also maps species of native plants, and estimating the population of jellyfish.

 Once a person acquires the required knowledge about the operation of a drone, then he or she can fetch a wide variety of scientific data. For instance, drones flying over a forest canopy are capable of capturing detailed videos and images of vegetation underneath. It is also capable of counting and recognizing the wildlife that exist the beneath the dense forest canopy, thereby improving ecological understanding.

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