Drug Dependency in Women Higher than Currently Perceived


A good many countries are legalizing cannabis and this is evoking mixed reactions. As, while some celebrate liberation, others worry for mental health of people dependent on marijuana. And, researchers feel that these concerns are quite legit as research so far quite has not been very extensive or deep enough.

Thus, researchers from University of York dug into the available data and studies. And, they saw a great many male-oriented questions – a sign of bias. Mainly, it is a result of connecting dependency with men. It goes as far as even constructing the questions keeping a male figure in mind. For example, an inquiry like – did you work a machine while inebriated and is inalienably one-sided.

Therefore, they said that it is not scientific enough to believe in these studies – look skewed on the gender front. In short, it looks like figures are artificially and wrongly lower for women. It has been noticed that one in ten people who use cannabis are at risk of relying on it.

Importance of the Study:

Considering, that there is wave of legalization that is sweeping masses at a rapid pace, it is important to know how women stand in the picture. Because, underestimating cannabis influence on this important demographic can be costly in the long-run. Besides, ethically, it is quite wrong to keep an entire group at disadvantage from control and rehabilitation measures.

Here again, there are people who don’t even believe there is a challenge concerning cannabis dependency. And, there are some who cannot even function normally due to cannabis dependency. And, as per researchers, we need to understand the second bit on a much deeper level.

As per the author of the study, Ian Hamilton, people are not harmed by cannabis. But who are not disadvantage equally. Because, the problem is not similar to those created by other drugs

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